Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Letter to the Barony: Coronation

Greetings unto the most noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron Shahid and Baroness Catherine.

The rain could not dampen Ealdormerean spirits as Her Excellency went forth to celebrate the Coronation of Their Majesties, Siegfried and Xristina, in the Barony of Rising Waters.  Waes hail to Their Majesties on Their ascension to the Thrones of Ealdormere. We were thrilled to see one of Our wonderful Skraels made a champion of Their Court: The Honourable Lars Erikkson as Rapier Champion.  We are truly proud of Our fighter to be given such an honour.  Congratulations to Sir AElfwyn et Langanwuda and Lady Gwendolyn of Aldberg for receiving the King and Queen's favours. We would also like to give a very special congratulations to Skraeling Althing's newest Lady: Lady Lydia. Well deserved!  

We look forward to joining many of you at Feast of the Hare in the Canton of Caldrithig.  The theme of the event this year is 'Fancy Dress', and We are looking forward to seeing the splendour of Skraels in their fancy duds.  A reminder that taxes will be due at this time.

We were very sorry to miss an amazing Feast of the Bear.  Congratulations to Skraeling Althing's newest knight: Sir AElfwyn et Langanwuda.  Congratulations also to Lady Estienne de Nantes on being awarded the Award of the Orion, and Lady Laili of Harrowgate Heath for being awarded a Maiden's Heart.

We always love hearing about the good things people are doing in this Barony. We would encourage anyone who feels a gentle is deserving of an award, either Kingdom or Baronial, to please write them in. Skraeling Althing has an online form here: <a href="http://www.skraelingalthing.com/nominations.php">http://www.skraelingalthing.com/nominations.php</a> and the Ealdormere form is here: <a href="http://www.ealdormere.ca/awards-submission-form.html">http://www.ealdormere.ca/awards-submission-form.html</a>.

In Service,
Shahid and Catherine
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing

Monday, 26 September 2016

New Heraldic Acceptance Letter

Anne Cooke. Name and device. Per pale sable and Or, a sieve counterchanged.
The submitter requested authenticity for "English 1400-1600".
This exact name is found in English parish records from 1578 in the FamilySearch Historical Records, so this name meets this request.
This is the defining instance of a sieve in Society armory. A sieve is a shallow round frame with a perforated bottom. It was used by millers to separate chaff, sand, insect bodies, etc., from the flour. The sieve is found in the canting arms (Italian "crivello") of di Crivelis, mid-15th Century (Stemmario Trivulziano, plate 91), and again in the arms of Chrinelli, c.1550 (BSB Cod.Icon 272, image 211).
As documented, a sieve is depicted in trian aspect.

Off Head Helm Inspections

Under the instructions of the Society Earl Marshal, I am asking one and all to begin a round of helm inspections that would include a check of the interior padding. We should be looking for proper coverage, thickness and resilience.

This is an off head helm check.

Marshals would get a count of how many helms were inspected, how many failed and why.

This info will be included in the kingdom end of year report

If any head injuries occur, bleeding lumps, tko's or Mo's even, that they inspect the injured fighters helm and include any finding good or bad in the report sent to me.

Padding Inspectons are to the following expectations.

Do an off the head check to insure the basics that are called for in our current rules. Is the interior minimal padding present on the proper surfaces? Is it thick enough by our standard? Is any of it loose or torn or crushed and lacks the resilience we would look for in a thrusting tip? That is all I am looking for. As to old or ugly. Ask if the fighter is aware of it, and if he is satisfied with its protection. If he is, he signed his waiver. As to the frequency, I would like any events from now to Dec to include an off head inspection to get a feel as to there actually being a problem or not. Hope that clarified.
In service
Padraig O'Riein<https://www.facebook.com/padraig.oriein>

This Inspection is mandatory and and the numbers recorded. Please send the data to ealdormere.earlmarshal@gmail.com ASAP after each event between now and december.



Crown Combatants Announced

Greetings Unto the populace from Siegfried and Xristinia , King and Queen.

The participants in this fall Crown tourney are as follows.

Duke Roak for Mistress Hyrrokin
Duke Thormot Quilliam for Countess Tangwystl d'Coursi
Sir Evander Maclachlan for HE Marioun Golightly
Sir Aelfwyn et Langewuda for Lord Evan Quicktongue
Thl Sven Ragnaldson for Mistress Kersteken Janzdochtere
HE Kolbjorn Skattkaupandi for HE Wencenedl of Rokesburg
HE Penda of Glyndmere for Sibylla of Glyndmere
Lord Dietrich of Sachen for Thl Emer Ui Aedan
THl Hans Thorvaldson for Lady Neala Andhrimnirsdotti
Lady Neala Andrimnirsdotti for Thl Hans Thorvalsson
Thl Ailis de la Marche for THl Elanna of Marchmount
Lord Laurenz Tonnemacher for Lady Ilsebet Jeghershe
Lord Rorik of Septentria for Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg
Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg for Rorik of Septentria

Siegfried and Xristina
King and Queen

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Final Court of Nigel and Adrielle

• Announcement that Master Brand and Duchess Jocea will be invested as the next Baron and Baroness of Ben Dunfirth 
• Tadc of Trinovantia - Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer
• Oz of Petrea Thule - Award of Arms together with a King & Queen's Favour
• Gwendolyn of Aldburg - Queen's Favour
• Steva Martel - Award of the Maiden's Heart and the Queen's Favour
• Sir Aelfwyn - King's Favour 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Feast of the Bear - Royal Courts

Morning Court
In order to make them official we had the awards given at Barron's Howe read out into Court
· Fáeláa Ruadh ua Aodha has received the award of the Orion
· Olaf Smeds has received the award of the Scarlet Banner
· Aethelbert of Whitstone Isle has received the award of the Orion

Award's Granted (recipient's not present - we will get your scrolls to you - please contact us)
Ichijou Gorou Kinaki - Award of Arms
Laili of Harrowgate Heath - Maiden's Heart
Rhoswyn Gwynedd - Maiden's Heart
Estienne de Nantes - Orion

White Wolf Fian invited forward
Widow Kate presented her completed challenge to the White Wolf Fian (please check out the photos, her challenge was lovely and definitely worthy)

Law Changes were read into Court - please see the Tidings

Master Rufus begged the boon to induct TH Lady Gwendyon into the Order of the Laurel and she was placed on vigil

Katerucia Mountague di Sant'Elena - Order of the Crucible

The Office of the Kingdom Chronicler Changeover took place from TH Laird Colyne to HG Kayla

TH Laird Colyne was placed on the scroll of Honour for his work as a Chronicler and Historian, his service to his Kingdom and word-smithing (50 poems for the SCA 50 year) among other awesome things

Artyom of Ardcheag was granted his AoA (not present - please contact Us and we will get your scroll to you)
Alicia Marie du Fleurs - Award of Arms
Petra of Septentria - Orion
Willmar Grimsdyke - Maiden's Heart
Mistress Lucrece de Montsoreau - Maiden's Heart (not present - please contact Us and we might give you your scroll ;) )
Gwendyon Casgudcath - inducted into the Order of the Laurel
AElfwyn et Langanwuda - inducted into the Order of Chivalry


Nigel and Adrielle

Rex et Regina Ealdormere

Letter to the Barony: Summer Siege

Greetings unto the most noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron Shahid and Baroness Catherine.

It was wonderful to see many of you at Summer Siege in Our Canton of Harrowgate Heath. This was a special event for Us, as We had the privilege to witness the elevation of Mistress Alais de Poitiers to the Order of the Laurel.  The weather was fantastic, and the food was, as usual, amazing. Thank you very much to the entire team who put this event on, We had a wonderful time, and I know that many others did too.

We held Our Champion's tournaments for Thrown Weapons and Archery. We would like to announce that, for the second year in a row, Lord Daffyd ap Allen was the Thrown Weapons victor and will stand as our champion for another year. Further, Uwe of Caldrithig was our successful archery victor and has agreed to step up at Feast of the Hare to stand as our Archery Champion. We thank all who participated in the tournaments, and look forward to seeing who will compete to be our Rapier and Armoured champions at Feast of the Hare.

It was Our joy to witness so many of you receive recognition from the hands of Their Royal Majesties.  Congratulations to Lady Sorcha of Kilmongan on receiving an Award of the Maiden's Heart, and to Lord Jonas of Caldrithig, Lord Ulric the Lawless, and Lady Malandra Longwei on receiving their Award of Arms.  Waes hael, everyone!

We would take this time of transition to remind Our populace that taxes are due at Feast of the Hare, on November 5, in Our Canton of Caldrithig.

We are, at heart, an educational organization – and one of the most amazing aspects of the SCA is the amount of knowledge that is freely shared.  The theme for this year’s taxes is ‘Teaching and Learning’. We request that all members of Our populace both teach a skill they know, and learn a new one.

We look forward to hearing your tales of knowledge gained and shared.

In Service,
Shahid and Catherine
Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing