Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Forward into the Past 2015

On March 28, 2015, the twenty-fifth Forward into the Past symposium was held by the Medieval Students Society and the Archaeology Society at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. As the event’s website states:

Forward Into The Past is a one-day symposium that arranges speakers on a broad range of historical topics including the arts and crafts practiced by various cultures, history of particular regions, cultures, or times, and where feasible allows this learning to be conducted in a hands-on environment. An open-format day, Forward Into The Past is designed to allow academics, experimental archaeologists, members of the public, and members of various historical re-enactment and recreation groups to gather and explore history.

The SCA is just one of those several groups mentioned, primarily through the efforts of the Canton of Brynaiu Tywynogg.

This year’s symposium featured sixty hours of lectures and activities (as well as a few merchants). Classes included ‘Arms, Combat and Tactics of the Viking Period,’ ‘History of Falconry,’ and ‘Leadership, Volunteerism and Living History.’ Students were able to try their hands at several activities including games, dancing, naalbinding, tablet weaving and calligraphy.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Neal Ferris of the University of Western Ontario who spoke on ‘Sustainable Archaeologies from Sustainable Archaeology.’ 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Interview with Daya Speyererin,a Newcomer to the Society

In our ongoing series of interviews, the Ealdormere Gazette talked recently with Daya Speyererin, who has only been involved with the SCA for less than a year.

How did you find out about the SCA?

There is a lot of crossover between SCA and many of the communities I've traveled in, so I've known many friends who've been involved. Unfortunately, most of my friends who I've known were involved in the SCA have gotten involved in other things and lost touch with the local SCA happenings. However, I also have a friend in Atlantia who kept inviting me to come to Pennsic; I finally went last year. It was my first event! I spent most of my time there last year with my friend in Herald’s Point.

What attracted you about the Society?

I've been involved in the same community groups for some time, and I felt like I needed a change. I noticed that the SCA involves so many areas of creative expression, which attracted me to it. I’m a lot less interested in the battle aspects. So far, I've begun exploring heraldic armory, calligraphy, illumination, leather crafting, sewing, and archery. Of all of those, archery and sewing were the only ones I’d done before I joined the SCA.

How long ago did you join?

A friend of mine bought my membership for me last year as a gift. It’s coming up for renewal in July.

Are you a paid member? Why or why not?

I’m a paid member because of my friend’s gift, but I plan to renew.

Did you find it easy or difficult to integrate into the Society?

I've been finding it easy once I meet people and have people to talk to, but getting to meet people and do stuff with the Society has been a challenge (see below).

Was the first local group the one you decided to play with? Or do you not play with a local group at all?

I've been in the SCA less than a year. The first experiences I had with it were in Atlantia (for Pennsic) and then locally in Ealdormere. I’m open to playing wherever I can reach and have fun.

How do you keep tabs on what’s going on in the kingdom (and beyond)?

I read the Tidings, this new Gazette, and I’m on various Ealdormere and other SCA facebook groups.

So far what has been your most positive moment in the SCA?

I've met some lovely people who've been kind and helpful, answering my zillions of questions. It hasn't been so much of a specific moment as the collection of them.

And the least positive?

So far, I haven’t had any negative experiences with the SCA, though I've heard of many conflicts of opinion in which I've not been involved.

What barriers have you encountered to your participation?

As a SCAdian who lives and works in Toronto, I have no vehicle with which to attend most of the events that occur across Ealdormere, as it covers so much geographic area. Until very recently, it’s been a struggle to find people who are willing to give me a lift to/from events. I even went to my first Ealdormere event with a ride there, but without knowing how I’d find my way home, though someone kindly offered me a lift before the night was over. In addition, I have choir practice that conflicts with the Eoforwic weekly meetings.

Just as I was about to give up on trying to get to events, I put out a call recently and some kind people have offered me rides to quite a few future Kingdom events, so I should be able to attend more regularly now.

What do you think the kingdom could do to make it easier for new people to find out about the SCA, join in and feel as though they belong?

For those of us without cars, some sort of rideshare program would be incredibly helpful. It would also be helpful to recommend some people who live nearby so I can get to know some local folks who are in the SCA.

It would also be helpful to have a few people listed on the FB or web site that are knowledgeable in specific areas (maybe laurels) so new members know who to ask about different things, like where to find research and crafting materials appropriate to the SCA period, etc.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Heirs to Sit Vigil

Ealdormere - I am happy to announce that TRH Steinnar and LiĆ°r have chosen to sit a vigil at Kingdom A&S so as to receive the words and advice of Their populace. It is a chance for each of you to share your vision of Ealdormere including its Royalty as well as chance for TRH to get to know you all better. Please take a moment of your day to come and speak with them. There will be a brief ceremony to start the vigil. Further details and particulars will be forth coming including timing.
Duchess Adrielle

A Conversation with Sir Trude

A few months ago, Sarah Autumn Marie Fay of the Middle Kingdom felt inspired to interview the first female knight in the SCA, Sir Trude Lacklandia (who was knighted on March 13, 1977). This was the conversation they had.

What was it like to be a female in the SCA at a time when there were only male fighters?

The guys I played with were cool.  It never got a lot of attention.

What did you expect to achieve by becoming a fighter?

When I started, it looked like the guys were having way too much fun, and I wanted to play, too.

How many times have you won Crown Tournament?

Never.  I hold a barony by right of arms.  I've semi'd in Coronet lists, several times, and I've been to Bridesmaid's several times.

Can you tell me what a Coronet list is?

It was a tournament for a subdivision between barony and kingdom.

Do you still fight, today?

I lost all of my armor when our house burned in 2011, but I'm gradually getting a kit together.  I hadn't realized how expensive it had gotten.  I would like to get back into fighting for 50 Years.

What weapon(s) and fighting style(s) do/did you prefer to fight with?

I favor mace and shield.  I fight with just about everything, but that's my favorite.

What were your most memorable victories in combat?

The first fight that was called mine was down in Riesling Shire.  I had been fighting on the field for four years, and that was the first fight I won on a tourney field.

One of the people in Atenveldt is a former Navy Seal, 6'8", and he flat-out publicly admits being afraid of me.  The man could tie me up in a knot if he tried.

When I took the Barony of The Far West by right of arms, that win was memorable.  I beat Count Sir Jehan De Le Marche.  He was the Crown Prince at the first Pennsic.

What were your most memorable losses?

Four years of not winning *laughs*

One time, lightning struck near the battle field, and we all took our armor off and, soaking wet, wearing all metal, we all kept on fighting after oohing and ahhing at the hole it made in the ground.  We weren't thinking very clearly.

What was your most humbling moment?

In about 2007, at Gulf War 20 or 21, I was out on the field working with the marshals, and a group of 15 to 20 young ladies came over and knelt at my feet.

Another time, I was at an event in the Alwins, and a very beautiful woman came to me, knelt at my feet, and said thank you, and said, "You were my first queen.  You were sweeping the floor so that everyone else could go home, crown and all."

What do you think is most important for a knight?

The true humility that enables you to look at yourself honestly and strive always to be better.

There are 41 female knights in the SCA, today.  The number of women who fight and are recognized is pretty proportionate to the numbers in the Middle Ages.

Last Day to Register for Kingdom A&S

Baroness Wencendl of Rokesburg has sent out a reminder that today is the last day to register for Kingdom A&S, which is being held on April 11.

Please note that the deadlines to register for Pent or research papers have passed.

Kingdom A&S Website
Facebook Event Page
Entry Form

Gov. Mike Pence's 'Religious Freedom' Bill and SCA 50 Year

Yesterday, the governor of the state of Indiana, site of the SCA's 50th year event next July, signed into law a 'religious freedom' bill that would allow businesses to refuse service to members of the LGBTQ community. This has led to several groups and organizations (including GenCon) to threaten to pull up stakes and leave the state.

Members of the SCA seem split on whether they'd like to see the 50 Year event also leave. While some say it would serve the state right to loose the business the event would bring, others are concerned that moving the event (while also being a potential financial loss for the SCA) would not punish the right people. While moving the event might put some pressure on the governor and the state's legislators, it is local businesses and local Society members who would bear the brunt of the loss. It is also worth noting that other states that hold large SCA events have similar discriminatory legislation.

Several members of the group Inspirational Equality in the SCA live in Indiana, and they assert that there is a large and growing resistance to this bill, and that many businesses are stating they do not support it and will continue to serve everyone. Some members of IE have also stated that they will be personally drafting a list of LGBTQ friendly local businesses to give to attendees.

For their part, the event stewards of 50 Year posted the following to their Facebook page:

Regarding Indiana's new legislation:
Hi, this is Duchess Elina, one of the Stewards for the event, resident of the county, and state it is held in:
1) To date the only businesses that openly discriminate seem to be going out of business, as the people in the state do not support the discrimination.
2) We have seen exactly “0” businesses anywhere near or associated with the event indicate that they would even contemplate such discrimination.
3) Emergency and health services are exclude from being allowed to discriminate.
4) There is a SUBSTANTIAL backlash from businesses about this legislation, and it may not survive very long. (Please see personal post as to why)
5) While state sales tax will be given to the state, the income supports many services, I would not recommend removing the event for the same reason I would not recommend anyone leave the state to deny it income tax over this legislation.

With luck, as opposition to this bill grows, it will be overturned before the 50 Year organization begins in July 2016.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

37 Days to Get Listed in the Class Book for Pennsic

Today, Lady Scholastica Joyors sent out this announcement regarding teaching at this year's Pennsic:

Do you want book appeal at Pennsic? That is to say are you planning on teaching a class at Pennsic this year and do you want your information to appear in the Pennsic Catalog of classes, if so you have 37 days to get your class registered (go to thing.pennsicuniversity.org/). This is not to say you cannot still sign up to teach a class after April 30th it simply means it will not appear in the catalog/book of Pennsic for people to know about it in advance. If you have any questions or need help signing up please PM me. Yours in Story and Song - Lady Scholastica Joyors - Pennsic Bardic Track Deputy

If you are planning to teach, make sure you register soon!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Request to be on the board agenda April 18

Ariel Caspe-detzer, part of Inspirational Equality in the SCA, is hoping that the Board of Directors will soon change the wording in Society law so no kingdom will be able to block someone from entering their Crown based solely on the gender of their consort. She write:

Recent events in Drachenwald have highlighted the confusing and contradictory nature of the current wording of Corpora regarding permission to enter Crown Lists for same sex pairs of fighter and consort. Their Majesties Drachenwald have moved quickly to resolve the recent issue in favor of equal access, however, this event highlights the need for the Board to revisit and clarify SCA policy regarding same sex couple entry into Crown Lists.
 The Inspirational Equality movement is requesting to be on the agenda of the next board meeting on April 18 to propose the formation of an exploratory committee similar to the committees recently formed for the consideration of the formation of new peerages. The Inspirational Equality team is proposing a corpora revision to be put forth for public comment and a brief which details the evidence in support of a more streamlined corpora statement on equal access.
 If you would like to read a summary of the brief that is being prepared and consider adding your name in support of board discussion of this critical issue, please go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/board-agenda-inspirational-equality

You can find out more about Inspirational Equality in the SCA on their Facebook group.

The Passing of the Ice Dragon

This past weekend, I returned to Ice Dragon after having missed it for several years (as it was scheduled the same weekend as Late Winter Shoot).  For those of you not familiar with the event, it is one of the larger events held in AEthelmearc.  It's hosted by the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael (Buffalo and environs) and has a very long and distinguished (and in one instance, not so distinguished) history.  More on that in a moment.

For the past few years, Ice Dragon has been hosted in one of the most beautiful event sites you'll ever see, the Connecticut St. Armoury.  Constructed in 1899, it's one of the best examples extant of the traditional castle-shaped armoury and is built out of a beautiful pinkish sandstone.  Inside, there is much beautiful dark wood, high-beamed ceilings, and plenty of room for large armoured and rapier lists, one of the kingdom's premier A&S competitions, and lots of merchants.

Ice Dragon figures prominently in Ealdormere history in both a positive and a less-positive way.  On the positive side, many of our Kingdom's earliest Laurels were entrants and victors in the Ice Dragon Pentathlon.  It's also where many of our Kingdom's first fencers got a chance to take place in large tourneys.  But it's also the place when then-Prince Palymar of the Middle was sent to tell the people of Ealdormere that the Middle Kingdom had banned the concept of regions. Luckily, as most know, this was just the prelude that sent Ealdormere down the path that would eventually lead to becoming its own Kingdom.

I have a long history with Ice Dragon myself--I entered the A&S competition very early in my SCA life and was awarded the Baroness' Choice award.  Years later, I and a team of Ealdormerians-- now-Mistress Medb, now-Dame Asa, and Lady Caitlin--were asked to actually run the Pent competition by a friend who was serving as autocrat.  I've merchanted there, fenced there, and shopped there.  This year, I was just there to enjoy the atmosphere, see a few friends I hadn't seen in awhile, and to go to Olive Garden afterwards.  I was successful in all these things.

There was an oustanding turnout from the Kingdom in the very large armoured lists  (quite possibly the longest bear pit lineups I've ever seen), including His Highness.  The Ice Dragon motto seems to be "fight until you fall down" for both rapier and armoured combat, and there is certainly a chance to meet opponents you don't normally get to fight.

If you find yourself next March with Ice Dragon weekend free, I very much recommend the trip. Our neighbours in AEthelmearc are definitely worth getting to know better.

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium--update and questions

As many (hopefully all) of you know, Ealdormere was given the right to host the 2015 Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, June 26-28.  This is the first time Ealdormere has ever hosted this event, so not everyone knows what it is and what to expect.  As the deputy steward and class coordinator, I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer a few questions.

Q. What is KWHSS?

A. KWHSS is held every year in a different kingdom, and is not only the official meeting for the Laurel Sovereign at Arms (the Society-level chief herald) with the various Kingdom Principal Heralds, it is also a chance to hold classes and meetings to educate attendees from all over the world on just about anything related to heraldry and the scribal arts. 

Q. I see the cost is $55.  Why is it so expensive?

A. KWHSS is a two-day-long event, and is much more like a conference than a regular SCA event (although we do attend in medieval clothing, and there are some fun activities--more on those in a minute). It's normally held at a hotel to make it easier for guests from around the world to find accommodations.  Our fee does include a lunch buffet, free parking and wi-fi, and an evening concert by Mistress Marian of Heatherdale (plus what promises to be a well-stocked hospitality suite).  We are also working to bring in some amazing guest instructors.  (If you are only able to come for Sunday, please contact me).

Q.  You've got a concert by Mistress Marian?  I'm not a herald or a scribe--can I just come in the evening?

A. Yes!  You will be able to attend the concert/dancing for $10.

Q.  You mentioned special guests?

A. Yes!  I have been in communication with Mme. Claire Boudreau, Chief Herald of Canada, who has agreed to be our keynote speaker.  She is very excited about joining us!  We will also be bringing you Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, the well-known creator of the "Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry", aka the Pic Dic.  He has an amazing wealth of knowledge and is coming all the way from Caid.  We are working on another amazing teacher for the scribal side--stay tuned!

Q.  So what else happens at a KWHSS?

A. Classes!   We are expecting to have six full tracks of classes, both heraldic and scribal, featuring both amazing Ealdormerian residents (because we certainly want to show off!) and teachers from all around the Known World.  Both beginners and more advanced folks will find something to their liking.  And we have room for more--so if you are a herald or a scribe and want to teach, please contact me!  We hope to have our schedule of classes up by mid-May.

We also will be hosting the Laurel Road Show on Sunday morning.  The Road Show has nothing to do with the Order of the Laurel--it's where the Laurel Sovereign at Arms, along with the other two Sovereigns (one for names, one for armory) go through the letters of intent to register names and armory from all the kingdoms and discuss the submissions.  It is a really wonderful way to learn about the submissions process and see the process that most of us never actually see in action.

We are also working on coordinating activities for those who may not wish to spend all day at the Symposium, or who want to stay a little later to visit a museum, go fabric shopping or the like.   If you have suggestions or ideas, please contact me and I can get you in touch with Lord Wilmar, who is our "cruise director" for those coming in for the event.

Q. I want to learn more!  Where do I go?

A.  Visit the event website at http://eoforwic.ca/kwhss2015/ . 

Again, we are very much looking forward to welcoming the heraldic community to Ealdormere, and having the chance to both share and learn!


Interview with Duke Finnvarr de Taahe

Recently, the Ealdormere Gazette was able to sit down and talk to Duke Finnvarr, KSCA, OP, OL about his time in the SCA.

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
How long have you been involved in the SCA?

I was one of the founding members of the barony of North Woods in the brand-new Middle Kingdom in late 1969 – early 1970.

What is your persona?

Like a lot of long-term members, my persona is my personal history in the Society. The name is an Irish one. I started out as a barbaric early period figure with a round shield, and later on became 13th or 14th century. More significant however is the fact that I've been king of the East and the Middle at two Pennsic wars, was the first active SCA person in Ontario, and devised the names Ealdormere, Septentria, and Eoforwic. It's more interesting than my theoretical Irish persona. 

How much of Finnvarr de Taahe comes from your modern life? Do you act in the SCA differently than you do outside the Society?

 I'm not sure I can answer that question.

To what activities did you initially gravitate?

Fighting, heraldry, and writing the history of the society.

In your time within the Society how have you seen it evolve? Has this evolution been beneficial or detrimental to its long term sustainability?

In the early days of the society, the membership was young, pretty close to broke, and not necessarily blessed with a lot of practical skills. Of course, the membership is much older now on the average and the organization tends to attract people who want to do a good job of portraying medieval people, setting up medieval camps, and flying medieval banners, etc. It takes money and time in the organization to acquire such things and develop such skills. Also, I can well imagine that 19-year-olds like I was when I joined would prefer to get involved in an organization with an average younger age.

You can label such development as either beneficial or not depending on taste, but early members were ambitious to have a classy organization, and this is how an organization develops – there has to be a certain amount of money, skill and dedication if you're going to have nice stuff and well-organized events and institutions that can support continuity.

How much did the royal crowns of Ealdormere cost? We could have $25 crowns and an organization that was much cheaper to run if we wanted to.

What changes do you think should still be made?

There seems to be a lot of concern these days about the sustainability of the society. I think that this depends more on general social conditions than what the members of the society do. I remember a time when Ealdormere seemed poised to really flourish and a big recession came along we started losing established members rather than recruiting new ones. 

It might help to have a systematic effort to recruit young people into office and refrain from dumping on them when they make dumb mistakes. Let them think they own the place. 

Or we could dance a lot more and ask strangers if you can have the honour of this dance. 

What has been the highlight of your time in the Society?

Hard to pick after 40 years. Meeting and fighting and partying with people at various wars. Running, with my lady, a successful camping event for 20 solid years.

You are known unofficially as the Iron Duke. What do you think of that nickname?

I very much appreciate the compliment.

You fought in many, many Pennsic Wars. What are some of your most famous exploits from those experiences?

Viscount Mordain years ago noticed that I had taken part in every mass battle at every Pennsic war. We checked our memories and seemed to be true. That's really where the Iron Duke name comes from. It's the background of my household's motto "we show up." That's why I appreciate the name Iron Duke.

At Pennsic 6, when I was King of the Middle Kingdom, the magnificent seven Western super Dukes showed up and took on everybody. Since they had the Bellatrix techniques,  they beat everybody in single combat pickups. Except me. I beat one of them, Duke Andrew of Riga, who 20 years later asked me how I did it given the great advantage that they had. Until he asked, I didn't realize the significance of that fight.

If you want to know how I did it, buy me a beer at an event and ask me.

You have lived in multiple kingdoms, been king of two of them, and helped found what eventually became Ealdormere. What aspects of life in those other kingdoms do you wish would take root in our kingdom?

We should dance as much as whoever dances the most now. 

What aspects of Ealdormerean culture would you like to see other places adopt?

More singing that involves everybody. 

What awards and accomplishments have you achieved over the years?

Buy me two beers and I will tell you.

Some people feel that the award system is broken, that it can lead to people feeling overlooked while other people they feel may be undeserving of awards—or who perhaps already have many—keep getting more. What are you thoughts on this? Do you have any advice or wisdom to impart on this subject?

I don't think the award system is broken. I think we have enough awards and a good basic structure and don't need more. I have seen several recent Royalty working hard so that they don't overlook people, with a certain amount of success. I think that just about all Kings and Queens take that duty very seriously. Whether people are overlooked or over-rewarded is a matter of individual judgment most of the time, and no tinkering with the award system will fix that. More complicated it gets, the more justifications for people to feel hard done by are multiplied. 

Do you have any current projects you’d care to talk about?

I am in the process of publishing two books on chivalry in the SCA. One is the Dialogue of Chivalry, which I originally wrote about 19 years ago. I have just written a short guide for the "Knight on Vigil." I hope it will help candidates for the accolade think about this important turning point.

I am also working on a graphic novel on the famous 14th-century incident called the Combat of the 30. Someday I hope that graphic novel will grow into a movie. It's a great story.

Your readers may be aware that I publish material on historical chivalry through Freelance Academy Press. Have a look at their site and at my site called Deeds of Arms.

 The Ealdormere Gazette thanks His Grace for speaking to us today. If our readers have anyone they’d like the Gazette to try and interview, email us your suggestions.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

So....what's this "Omnibus Peerage" I've been hearing about?

Those of you who have been monitoring various Facebook groups and other internet sites have likely by now heard about the Omnibus Peerage Proposal.  I thought I'd give a little background to the discussions that have been taking place and what the next steps are, before passing on the link to view the proposal.

The Omnibus Proposal Group grew out of the recent decision by the Society to add the Order of Defense as a new peerage Order. Those who formed this particular group were disappointed that the proposal that was accepted was for a rapier-only peerage, rather than one comprising all martial pursuits outside of armoured combat.

As preparations for that new peerage are now well underway, it was decided to form a working group to discuss the possibility of a martial peerage that could comprise all remaining martial disciplines falling under the purvey of the Earl Marshal, both current and future.  Over the course of about a month and a half, this group worked to put together a proposal for a peerage Order, tentatively called the Order of Valiance.  The working group included practitioners of various martial activities that would fall under this new Peerage, including (but not limited to) archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, and siege engine combat. Members also included both rapier and armoured combatants, heralds, and those who are simply supporters.

The rationale behind this approach is that the practitioners of these particular martial activities who were involved felt they were stronger working together rather than in approaching separate possible peerages for each activity. They wished to be inclusive and supportive of each other, and felt that this was indeed a viable approach (based on the fact that the Order of the Laurel works more or less the same way, with practitioners of many arts and sciences under the same umbrella).

The draft proposal will be presented to the Board at the April meeting.  At this point, the proposal is a gateway to initiate a discussion and more in-depth study.  I fully expect that if the Board thinks it is worth further examination, they will put together a committee to do so as they did for the Order of Defense.

If you, as I do, feel that justice would be best served by presenting a path to peerage for all martial disciplines, please write the Board, even if you are not completely satisfied with the draft proposal.  We in Ealdormere are somewhat unique in the Known World--we have an omnibus martial Grant-level Order (Thorbjorn's Hammer) where members of all martial disciplines are included, and we know that it is not an impossibility for such a thing to work.

Below is the official note about the proposal.


News from the Omnibus Proposal Group:
Greetings to all from the Omnibus Proposal Steering Committee! We have submitted the Order of Valiance proposal to the SCA Board of Directors. Now we must make the voices of the populace of the Known World heard before the April 18 board meeting.
Please email the Board at directors@sca.org, and ask that all your friends do so as well.
The Martial Peerage FB group has worked together in harmony to create this proposal; let's make sure that the tone of our emails reflects this and that they are positive and succinct.
The main point to cover is that you support the Valiance Omnibus Proposal as submitted to the Board. It can be that simple. The Board reads every email submitted, whether from the newest SCAdian or those who have been in many years. Your voice does count!
Adding your personal reasons is great, and if you do not participate in these particular martial areas, but are just a supporter, saying why is important. We want to show the BoD that there is widespread support for this peerage from the entire Known World.
This is not a time to be bitter or negative (as these kinds of letters are usually discounted). This is a time to look forward to helping make the Order of Valiance a reality.
Full details of the proposal can be found here:
It can also be found on the Crimson Flight page here:

KWHSS Auction

Organizers of the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, being held in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic from June 26th to the 28th, are holding an auction to support the event.

Items up for auction include swords, books, garb, games and more!

You can view the auction online here!

Gebhard Gives Call out to Ealdormereans at Gulf Wars

In his blog, named--aptly enough--Gebhard's Blog, the author lists a number of things that his fellow Midrealmers should experience while attending Gulf Wars. Among the several items listed are the following [emphasis added]:

  • Go to the Green Dragon Inn. Preferably when Heather Dale, or Ken Theriot is in concert.
  • Meet up with Duchess Adrielle at the Known World Party, ask her why she carries a nautical peg. If you’re lucky you may get a quest. She’s a riot to hang out with.

It makes us at the Gazette proud whenever we see the citizens of our kingdom making themselves known throughout the Known World for their talents and qualities.

You can read the complete list on Gebhard's Blog.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Athenaeum Hectoris Updates

The Athenaeum Hectoris (named after Master Hector of the Black Height) is an organization in the Kingdom of Ealdormere that promotes the written (and oral) word, collecting and posting articles and class notes relating to all aspects of the bardic arts. As it's website says:

This webpage is devoted to those within the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) who are scriveners, litterateurs, penmen, scribes, wordsmiths, scribblers, poets, hagiographers, memoirists, chroniclers, storytellers, skalds, scops, wordmongers, versifiers, prosateurs, or other producers of the written (and occasionally oral) word.
Recently the Athenaeum has seen several updates, having added the following articles:

Childish Writing Isn't Easy by Master Hector of the Black Height

In-Persona Storytelling by Duke Cariadoc of the Bow

Missive to a Young Bard: Sonnets by Master Hector of the Black Height

Storytelling: The Art of Oral Recitation by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Writing a Ballade (Non-musical) by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Writing a Triolet by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Writing a Virelai by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Writing a Leich by THLaird Colyne Stewart

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Welcome to the Ealdormere Gazette!

The Ealdormere Gazette is a volunteer run blog providing information about activities relevant to the Kingdom of Ealdormere of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  This is not an official publication of the SCA. The official Ealdormere website can be found at www.ealdormere.ca. The official SCA website can be found at www.sca.org.

The Gazette is looking to publish event flyers, event reports, articles, missives, poems, stories, songs and photographs which would be of interest to the residents of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

If you are interested in volunteering or submitting content, read over our About and Submissions sections!