Friday, 27 March 2015

A Conversation with Sir Trude

A few months ago, Sarah Autumn Marie Fay of the Middle Kingdom felt inspired to interview the first female knight in the SCA, Sir Trude Lacklandia (who was knighted on March 13, 1977). This was the conversation they had.

What was it like to be a female in the SCA at a time when there were only male fighters?

The guys I played with were cool.  It never got a lot of attention.

What did you expect to achieve by becoming a fighter?

When I started, it looked like the guys were having way too much fun, and I wanted to play, too.

How many times have you won Crown Tournament?

Never.  I hold a barony by right of arms.  I've semi'd in Coronet lists, several times, and I've been to Bridesmaid's several times.

Can you tell me what a Coronet list is?

It was a tournament for a subdivision between barony and kingdom.

Do you still fight, today?

I lost all of my armor when our house burned in 2011, but I'm gradually getting a kit together.  I hadn't realized how expensive it had gotten.  I would like to get back into fighting for 50 Years.

What weapon(s) and fighting style(s) do/did you prefer to fight with?

I favor mace and shield.  I fight with just about everything, but that's my favorite.

What were your most memorable victories in combat?

The first fight that was called mine was down in Riesling Shire.  I had been fighting on the field for four years, and that was the first fight I won on a tourney field.

One of the people in Atenveldt is a former Navy Seal, 6'8", and he flat-out publicly admits being afraid of me.  The man could tie me up in a knot if he tried.

When I took the Barony of The Far West by right of arms, that win was memorable.  I beat Count Sir Jehan De Le Marche.  He was the Crown Prince at the first Pennsic.

What were your most memorable losses?

Four years of not winning *laughs*

One time, lightning struck near the battle field, and we all took our armor off and, soaking wet, wearing all metal, we all kept on fighting after oohing and ahhing at the hole it made in the ground.  We weren't thinking very clearly.

What was your most humbling moment?

In about 2007, at Gulf War 20 or 21, I was out on the field working with the marshals, and a group of 15 to 20 young ladies came over and knelt at my feet.

Another time, I was at an event in the Alwins, and a very beautiful woman came to me, knelt at my feet, and said thank you, and said, "You were my first queen.  You were sweeping the floor so that everyone else could go home, crown and all."

What do you think is most important for a knight?

The true humility that enables you to look at yourself honestly and strive always to be better.

There are 41 female knights in the SCA, today.  The number of women who fight and are recognized is pretty proportionate to the numbers in the Middle Ages.

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