Monday, 23 March 2015

Request to be on the board agenda April 18

Ariel Caspe-detzer, part of Inspirational Equality in the SCA, is hoping that the Board of Directors will soon change the wording in Society law so no kingdom will be able to block someone from entering their Crown based solely on the gender of their consort. She write:

Recent events in Drachenwald have highlighted the confusing and contradictory nature of the current wording of Corpora regarding permission to enter Crown Lists for same sex pairs of fighter and consort. Their Majesties Drachenwald have moved quickly to resolve the recent issue in favor of equal access, however, this event highlights the need for the Board to revisit and clarify SCA policy regarding same sex couple entry into Crown Lists.
 The Inspirational Equality movement is requesting to be on the agenda of the next board meeting on April 18 to propose the formation of an exploratory committee similar to the committees recently formed for the consideration of the formation of new peerages. The Inspirational Equality team is proposing a corpora revision to be put forth for public comment and a brief which details the evidence in support of a more streamlined corpora statement on equal access.
 If you would like to read a summary of the brief that is being prepared and consider adding your name in support of board discussion of this critical issue, please go to

You can find out more about Inspirational Equality in the SCA on their Facebook group.

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