Sunday, 22 March 2015

So....what's this "Omnibus Peerage" I've been hearing about?

Those of you who have been monitoring various Facebook groups and other internet sites have likely by now heard about the Omnibus Peerage Proposal.  I thought I'd give a little background to the discussions that have been taking place and what the next steps are, before passing on the link to view the proposal.

The Omnibus Proposal Group grew out of the recent decision by the Society to add the Order of Defense as a new peerage Order. Those who formed this particular group were disappointed that the proposal that was accepted was for a rapier-only peerage, rather than one comprising all martial pursuits outside of armoured combat.

As preparations for that new peerage are now well underway, it was decided to form a working group to discuss the possibility of a martial peerage that could comprise all remaining martial disciplines falling under the purvey of the Earl Marshal, both current and future.  Over the course of about a month and a half, this group worked to put together a proposal for a peerage Order, tentatively called the Order of Valiance.  The working group included practitioners of various martial activities that would fall under this new Peerage, including (but not limited to) archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, and siege engine combat. Members also included both rapier and armoured combatants, heralds, and those who are simply supporters.

The rationale behind this approach is that the practitioners of these particular martial activities who were involved felt they were stronger working together rather than in approaching separate possible peerages for each activity. They wished to be inclusive and supportive of each other, and felt that this was indeed a viable approach (based on the fact that the Order of the Laurel works more or less the same way, with practitioners of many arts and sciences under the same umbrella).

The draft proposal will be presented to the Board at the April meeting.  At this point, the proposal is a gateway to initiate a discussion and more in-depth study.  I fully expect that if the Board thinks it is worth further examination, they will put together a committee to do so as they did for the Order of Defense.

If you, as I do, feel that justice would be best served by presenting a path to peerage for all martial disciplines, please write the Board, even if you are not completely satisfied with the draft proposal.  We in Ealdormere are somewhat unique in the Known World--we have an omnibus martial Grant-level Order (Thorbjorn's Hammer) where members of all martial disciplines are included, and we know that it is not an impossibility for such a thing to work.

Below is the official note about the proposal.


News from the Omnibus Proposal Group:
Greetings to all from the Omnibus Proposal Steering Committee! We have submitted the Order of Valiance proposal to the SCA Board of Directors. Now we must make the voices of the populace of the Known World heard before the April 18 board meeting.
Please email the Board at, and ask that all your friends do so as well.
The Martial Peerage FB group has worked together in harmony to create this proposal; let's make sure that the tone of our emails reflects this and that they are positive and succinct.
The main point to cover is that you support the Valiance Omnibus Proposal as submitted to the Board. It can be that simple. The Board reads every email submitted, whether from the newest SCAdian or those who have been in many years. Your voice does count!
Adding your personal reasons is great, and if you do not participate in these particular martial areas, but are just a supporter, saying why is important. We want to show the BoD that there is widespread support for this peerage from the entire Known World.
This is not a time to be bitter or negative (as these kinds of letters are usually discounted). This is a time to look forward to helping make the Order of Valiance a reality.
Full details of the proposal can be found here:
It can also be found on the Crimson Flight page here:

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