Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Brief Summation of the Coronation of Konungr Steinarr and Dróttning Liðr

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
The coronation of Konungr Steinarr and Dróttning Liðr took place on the 25th day of April in the Shire of Bastille du Lac. In a dim hall lit by a blazing fire, Trumbrand and Kaylah consulted with the Oracle, a one-eyed Norseman, to see if it would be a fruitious time to hand the kingdom over to their heirs. The Oracle, having consulted the bones, told them that if a coronation was held that day, the weather would turn fair, the kingdom would prosper, but that there would be war in the south. Having decided they could live with that, Trumbrand and Kaylah pass the Crowns of the Northlands to Steinnar and Liðr.

Representatives from the kingdoms of the East, Calontir and An Tir were on hand to witness this event.

A number of tournaments were held during the day, to determine who would represent Their Majesties as Their champions. At evening court, it was announced that the champions were as follows: Tormot Quilliam, King’s Champio; Tristham Ovinra I Groffa, Queen’s Champion; Graem de Liste, Archery Champion; Jobjorn, Rapier Champion; and Daniel of Whitby, Thrown Weapons Champion.

As well, His Majesty called to him several proud northern warriors to stand as the forefront of his Vanguard. These were Sir Ed the Red, Sir Quilliam, Sir Gann, THL Bjarn, Lord Tristham, HE Grom, and Lord Wiley. His Majesty hoped that in time this Vanguard would swell with more warriors in full Norse kits.

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