Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fool's Fun

As is customary on April 1st, pranks have been plentiful this morning. Of particular note to Ealdormereans are the following:

Ealdormere's Letter of Intent submitting several names and devices of historically hysterical accuracy.

A map posted to the Midrealm website showing that the Region of Pentamere has been renamed Midairlandia and ceded to Ealdormere.

The following missive, purportedly written by the Midrealm Seneschal, has apparently convinced several people that the land exchange is in fact true:

Greetings! As my final act as Kingdom Seneschal of the Midrealm, I am pleased to report that I have secured my legacy. Negotiations with Their Royal Majesties of Ealdomere have been successfully completed, and the approval of the Board of Directors is secured.
Therefore, I am pleased to announced that effective April 1st, 2015, all the lands formerly known as "Pentamere" are now hereby renamed "Midairlandia" and transferred to the Kingdom of Ealdormere. An updated map is now available to be viewed at the Midrealm Cartographer's page: After lengthy discussions with myself, I realized that this was absolutely the right decision for me. I am grateful to TRM Ealdomere for granting this name change as payment for these lands. I am confident everyone will be much happier, starting with me.
Therefore I bid you goodbye, and hope you enjoy the shorter drives to events in your now smaller kingdom!
 - Midair MacCormaic of Midairlandia, former Kingdom Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom

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