Thursday, 30 April 2015

Earn War Points at Singing!

Ealdormere sings at Pennsic 2014.
Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
Singers call to arms!

We have a unique opportunity to help our kingdom on her way to a special war point at Pennsic this year!

Two weeks ago the Pennsic War Point rules were published in various venues. Non-combatants may have assumed this doesn’t apply to them… NOT SO! There is a Service/Volunteering war point on the books this year, and listed right alongside marshaling, teaching classes, volunteering at gate and the various info points, is singing in the Pennsic Known World Choir! That’s right, this Pennsic you can contribute to the Ealdormerean war effort by SINGING!!

Volunteer hours will be tallied for each kingdom between Tuesday-Thursday of war week. During those dates there are three practices (currently scheduled for 10-12am daily, see Pennsic book for location details and any future scheduling changes), a dress rehearsal (currently scheduled for 1pm Thursday afternoon, same caveat), and a performance (currently scheduled for Thursday evening). That’s approximately 8 hours PER SINGER that can be contributed towards our Kingdom’s total, which will add up fast if even a small percentage of our many strong voices choose to participate!

THL Marie has thrown together a quick web page to help people learn the music:

Hope to see many of you there!

For the curious, you can see a copy of the full draft war point rules (which also include an A&S war point, incidentally, via anonymous competition by 14 non-laurels per side) in the East Kingdom Gazette online here:

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