Sunday, 26 April 2015

Last Call for Getting Pennsic Battles Published is May 1

Just a reminder that May 1 is the published deadline for getting tournies in the PRINTED Pennsic book. People need to get registered if they want to be in the book.
FYI - we can continue to schedule right up to Pennsic - they will appear in the on-line listing of classes/tourneys/events/etc.
**so far I'm able to schedule entries within 24hrs of receiving it in the system, so if it's not on the class list but you've sent it in and it's not appearing there, email me and I'll check on it.
Also, if you'd like to try to edit where I've scheduled you, it might be possible, but no guarantees, again email me:
Joleicia (not Gilebert)

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  1. This means people wishing to use the battlefield/fort/tourney lists for an activity can place a request using the same process as last year - via the Thing University process found here:

    Please enter all applicable information to help me sort out the best place to put you in ESPECIALLY set-up/tear down times AND WHAT AREA YOUD PREFER to get. Volume of participants expected can help too. There is a supplementary area for extra info. Deadline for the book is two weeks and I will do my best to schedule all requests submitted by that date.