Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Missive from the incoming Kingdom Rapier Marshal

As originally posted to the I Live in the Kingdom of Ealdormere Facebook group:

Greetings from Duke Edward the Red, incoming KRM
I’m planning on posting this as my letter in the May Tidings, but since many of you will get this much quicker this way, I’m also posting it here. Feel free to forward it as needed.
Many thanks to Lord Gavin for all his hard work as KRM in the past 2 years or so. I look forward to taking on the job, and wish him well in his retirement.
There was some work done on a draft of some changes to the Ealdormere rapier rules in the fall. This draft was posted to the website listed as version 6.1. Version 6.1 has not passed Privy Council approval, and therefore the most current approved rules are version 6.0, dated October 2012. I have asked the Kingdom Web Minister to replace the version on the website with 6.0 so that there is no confusion.
Please use version 6.0 starting immediately.
Seeing as there was some concern raised over 6.1, I am not planning to proceed with them as they stand. I am looking for input and opinions on how we should proceed from here. To that end, I have created a survey, with questions about authorizations, spear, epee, cut and thrust, and more.
I know it is a bit long, but I would encourage all rapier fighters to take the few minutes to read and answer the survey, I especially want to hear from as many of our marshals as possible.
The survey uses google forms, and is available here:
Deadline for responses is April 30th, and sooner is better.
I would also like to have a rapier moot soon. The moot is planned for Septentrian Investiture, on May 2, in Lindsay.
Stay tuned for more details – my current hope is to do this at lunch time, after morning court but before the afternoon fencing gets rolling.
Thanks everyone for your input and support.
In Service,
-Edward the Red
The event site for Septentrian Investiture can be found here

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