Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Late Winter Shoot-An Archer’s View

Princess Incognito
By Ealdormere Gazette correspondent HE Seonag nicThomais

The Arrow Recovery Depot.
My lord and I arrived on a crisp Spring morning eager to stretch muscles and spend time with friends. We arrive to find the HL Daffyd already hard at work preparing the grill for the afternoon repast and his lady Mahild in the scullery chopping, stirring and preparing still more food, whilst Her Excellency Anne Tinker was tucked into a corner repairing arrows in preparation for the days events.

I am Barbarian Groot!
A gentle bearing a marked resemblance to our Fair Princess of Ealdormere took her place on the range, but wearing such simple garb, I doubt me that it could be her.  So too I witnessed a fearsome barbarian with steel bow bristling with points and a helm of equal ferocity take his place amongst the archers after laying waste to the thrown weapons range with both axe and helm (Did I mention the points it had)?  I suspect that said barbarian while genial in comportment may have had alterior motives as he was seen sporting much greenery, perhaps in an attempt to hide?
Invasion repelled!

While many were inside shooting, a goodly number were also testing their mettle on the thrown weapons range, once again run by THL Daniel of Whitby and his lady fair THL Katriona.  The day was a fine one for throwing with much sun and little wind and a good time was had by all. Foes of Ealdormere should take heed, for we are a Kingdom of skilled warriors both on and off the list field.

On the range.
All in all it was a most enjoyable day with many gentles both young and old taking home prizes of hand crafted pouches, bow bags and leather bottles to reward their efforts. Truly the Kingdom is in good hands with such skilled martial artists upon which to call.  Many thanks to Petrea Thule for hosting such a terrific event and additional thanks to Daffyd and Mahild and others for their sumptuous lunch, Anne Tinker for spending countless hours repairing arrows, Adrielle, & Keja for keeping score, Daniel & Katriona for running the thrown weapons range, Brent & Percival for running the range and Graeme and Aurelia for coming up with such challenging shoots and to all who supplied the prizes that were handed out.  WASSAIL

Robin Hood lives!
All photos also by HE Seonag.

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