Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Update to the Kingdom Event Bid Rotation

As approved by the Privy Council, the event bid rotation has been updated to account for moving Kingdom A&S from the fall to the spring. The new rotation is as follows:

Kingdom of Ealdormere Event Rotation Schedule (revised in April 2015)

Schedule repeats every 6 years, (ie. 2021 will be the same as 2015)

2015 Spring A&S                Ramshaven
2015 Spring Coronation      Shires     
2015 Spring Crown             Rising Waters
2015 Fall Coronation          Ben Dunfirth
2015 Fall Crown                 Septentria

2016 Spring A&S                Skraeling Althing
2016 Spring Coronation      Ramshaven
2016 Spring Crown             Shires     Assist from Septentria
2016 Fall Coronation          Rising Waters
2016 Fall Crown                 Ben Dunfirth    

2017 Spring A&S                Septentria
2017 Spring Coronation      Skraeling Althing
2017 Spring Crown             Ramshaven
2017 Fall Coronation          Shires     Assist from Ben Dunfirth
2017 Fall Crown                 Rising Waters 

2018 Spring A&S                Ben Dunfirth    
2018 Spring Coronation      Septentria 
2018 Spring Crown             Skraeling Althing
2018 Fall Coronation          Ramshaven  
2018 Fall Crown                 Shires     Assist from Rising Waters

2019 Spring A&S                Rising Waters    
2019 Spring Coronation      Ben Dunfirth 
2019 Spring Crown             Septentria 
2019 Fall Coronation          Skraeling Althing  
2019 Fall Crown                 Ramshaven 

2020 Spring A&S                Shires     Assist from  Ramshaven   
2020 Spring Coronation      Rising Waters  
2020 Spring Crown             Ben Dunfirth 
2020 Fall Coronation          Septentria    
2020 Fall Crown                 Skraeling Althing  

2021 Spring A&S                Ramshaven
2021 Spring Coronation      Shires     Assist from Skraeling Althing
2021 Spring Crown             Rising Waters
2021 Fall Coronation          Ben Dunfirth
2021 Fall Crown                 Septentria 

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