Sunday, 31 May 2015

A&S Moot to be held at War of the Trillium

Hi all. I have been asked by our delightful new Minister of Arts and Sciences to run a Kingdom A&S Moot, to be held Friday morning of Trillium War. Some of the topics for potential discussion are:

  • redefining/removing the five categories
  • how we define beginner/intermediate/advanced entrants, and
  • how any changes to those would affect Pentathalon

I'd love to hear any other ideas for discussion! Please distribute this widely.

AElfwyn Langanwuda

Friday, 29 May 2015

Missive from Their Majesties regarding Crown Tourney

Greetings Ealdormere!

We are well pleased with Our Crown Tourney, never have We seen such a colorful, heraldry filled display by combatants and their consorts. The Queen was apparently responsible for the fine weather, despite the dust cloud that surged thru the list later in the day.

Thank you to the Barony of Rising Waters for hosting the event. Things ran smoothly and you are to be congratulated for a successful event! Wassail as well to the Feast staff – a fanciful array of foods that were as pleasing to the eye as to the taste.

We would also congratulate the combatants who entered Our Crown Tourney. All of you showed immense honor and prowess both on and off the list.  To the consorts, your inspiration shone brighter than the sun.

Congratulations to Tormot Quilliam, victor of the Tourney and his consort Domhnaill Galbraith. The Line of the North is secure and We are confident it will be in good hands someday.


HRM Steinarr & Liðr

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Update on Minors Fighting at Pennsic

The Pennsic War site has posted the following update:
Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.

In compliance with new Pennsylvania Commonwealth Law and due to potential medical risk considerations involving martial activities the following policy is now in effect:
Minors authorized in Martial activities and bearing a gold tape diamond on their helms on which their parent or legal guardian’s cell phone number is written, may participate in battles. Parents should have the cell phone in hand in case of emergency.

According to the Midrealm Gazette, youth fencers should have their gold diamond sticker on the cuff of their gauntlet.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Lilies Master Class List and Daily Master Schedules Now Online

The Lilies Master Class List is online now. It is also available at

Here are the daily Lilies Master Schedules. They are also available at

[Originally posted by the Falcon Banner.]

Tournaments Illuminated Call for Submissions

Tournaments Illuminated has sent out the following call for submissions:

Contribute to our next Quest Article Now!
From the editor of Tournaments Illuminated: Our upcoming Quest topic is "Hints For Brewers", with Guest Editors Brian Kettering | Donal O'Brien and Elspeth Payne / Sorcha Crowe.
 Beverages, sauces and syrups: The brewer's art encompasses many libations and potations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, still and sparkling, convivial cups and condiments. Whatever the end product, brewers practice a sort of liquid alchemy. Share the skills that make the magic: Hints, tips and tricks on any aspect of the brewing art, any product, any stage of production.
 Send your "tun" of information (up to 300 words) to by June 1 and it may be included in the 3rd Quarter 2015 Issue of Tournaments Illuminated. If you'd like to include images of your process, please write for photo specs.
 Submission of any work to TI constitutes permission to publish said work without compensation in any form, including, but not limited to, electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all original copyrights to the submission.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Class Descriptions for KWHSS Posted

Class descriptions for the upcoming Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium have been posted.

The event will be held in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic, June 26-28.

Photos from Crown

Graham Day has posted photographs from Crown Tourney to his Lost Hemisphere blog.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Internal Letter of Intent on OSCAR


For all those who are heraldically inclined, Ealdormere has just released both an Internal and an External Letter of Intent on OSCAR (  Please go forth and comment!

For those of you wondering what the deuce I just said, OSCAR is the system where heralds review name and armoury submissions.  The internal letter comes first; each submission is reviewed at the kingdom level.  This is a chance to check for any issues or conflicts and to resolve them before the submission progresses to the Society level.  The External Letter of Intent is assembled once the Kingdom commentary is complete. At this point, heralds from all around the Known World review the submissions before the final decisions are made to register or return each one.  The entire process (assuming there are no issues or that issues are resolved at the Kingdom level) takes about 7-8 months.

If you are interested in submitting a name, device, badge, household name or badge, or learning more, please feel free to contact me (Nicolaa), Green Mantle Herald, at

Official Royal Afternoon Court Report from Crown

Honors given by Steinnar and Lidr, at Spring Crown Tournament, May 23, 2015, A.S. L
Award of the Maiden\'s Heart
Jowan nyn Ranell
Sciath ingen Chaennaig

Official Rising Waters Court Report from Crown

Honors given by Dmitri Kievskoi and Gema Krasil\'nikova, at Spring Crown Tournament, March, 23, 2015, A.S. L

Award of the Chalice\'s Crystal
Lord Ieuan ap Gwilym
Lord Hidetoro Shigamitsu (listed as only Hidetoro in the OP)
Rohais de Guildford
Jowan nyn Ranell

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Wassail to Their Highnesses Ealdormere

Today, Tormot Quilliam won Crown Tourney to make Damhnail Galbraith Princess of the northlands.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bardic Babblings to be Taken Down [Updated]

The Ealdormere Gazette has been contacted by the compiler of the Drakenfjord songbook Bardic Babblings, Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir. She said:

I am very sorry to all whose works are in the Bardic babblings file currently up omn the Drakenfjord website. The Book is a copy of my personal lyric sheet collection with my annotations regarding where they all came from trimmed out and a few articles I was using to teach a bardic class It was never supposed to be published at all! Now that I am aware the files were thrown together and published I am working to get it taken down asap. I have taken the whole library down until everything can be checked for proper credits and permissions.

Currently, however, it appears that the link to Bardic Babblings is still live. The Gazette has alerted Dame Katrin to this, as well as to the fact that Bardic Babblings has been uploaded to Yompu.

[Update: The Bardic Babblings file has been taken off the Drakenfjord page.]

[Update: Bardic Babblings has now been taken off Yompu.]

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Septentrian Survey

Their Excellencies Septentria, Dafydd and Mahhild, are asking members of the barony to consider taking a short survey in an effort to better know Their people. You can access the survey here.

Missive from the AEthelmearc Kingdom Earl Marshal regarding Youth Fighting or Fencing at Pennsic

This missive was recently posted to Facebook:

Update from Duchess Tessa TheHuntress on youth fighting/fencing as adults at Pennsic:
So, deputy mayor Sulla rocks. We have a solution, we'll need people with the background checks and training. If you have it or are willing to do it, please let me know, we can get this done.
No minors or youth in the woods. But they can be in the rest of the melees. I will post more details later, but I'm driving.
Please feel free to post this far and wide. It is essential we get enough people with the clearances, so we can make this happen.
Tessa, AEthelmearc KEM
Note: this applies to both heavy and rapier.

Call for submissions for Cry of the Wolf VII

The Bardic College of Ealdormere is seeking submissions for the seventh volume in the Cry of the Wolf Series of bardic chapbooks. This volume's editor, THLaird Colyne Stewart, is seeking poems of up to three pages in length, to be submitted by the end of August 2015. Multiple submissions are accepted. Full credit will be given and copyright remains with the content creators. This chapbook will be freely shared as a pdf file and formatted for ease of printing.

Past issues of Cry of the Wolf have also been dedicated to poetry and stories, though most of them are devoted to songs. They can be found online at the Bardic College Repository (where they are referred to as Call of the Wolf).

Submissions for this volume should be sent to THLaird Colyne Stewart.

Photos from FOOL

Graham Day has posted several photos from FOOL (which was held this past weekend) on his Lost Hemisphere blog.

Bardic Works Appearing Without Attribution [Updated]

Arms of Drakenfjord
It has come to the Gazette's attention that the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord (part of the High Fantasy Society in Texas, and formally part of Amtgard) has compiled a lengthy publication called Bardic Babblings.

Unfortunately, the compiler of this tome has taken works from numerous bards of the Society for Creative Anachronism (as well as other modern artists) without permission, and has not included any credit or copyright whatsoever. These versions of the Society's bards were also apparently housed on a website called the Bardic Bower (which is now defunct).

On page 12 of the 1171 page document, this disclaimer is included:

If you have any lyric sheets, sheet music or other commentary to add please contact Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir at the email address of and pass along whatever information you may posses. For instance many of these pieces are of unknown origin and any notes of where they originated would be appreciated. Also if you are interested in increasing your collection of works many many more can be found archived at the Bardic Bower Website also known as the Bardic Hall… Many notes and alternant versions can be found there as well. Printed copies of this document are unavalible due to the prohibitive cost of printing and shipping a 1,200 page document. Feel free to print it and distribute it as you will for use within the realms of the organizations that promote the Bardic arts such as Amtgard, The High Fantasy Society, and The Society for Creative Anachronism…
Although the compiler, attributed as Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir, claims that "many of these pieces are of unknown origin" it seems unlikely that all these pieces by the Society's modern day bards would have been discovered with no credit or copyright noted.

Officers of Drakenfjord are listed on their website. The High Fantasy Society website has no contacts listed, and appears to be years out of date, though they do also have an active Forum and a Facebook group.

[Update: Bardic Babblings has also been published on a site called Yumpu.]

[Update: Please see the follow-up to this article.]

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Unofficial Court Report for the Court of Their Excellencies Rasmhaven at FOOL

Their Excellencies of Ramshaven inducted Ronan Mac Aedain as a Soldier of Ramshaven.

They also awarded a Guidon du Sang to the following:
Ronan Mach Aedain
Gabriella MacCalin
Rayner of the Blackwood
Freja of the Blackwood
Arden of Bryniau Tywynogg.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Potential Problems for Youth Activities at Pennsic this Year [Updated]

Changes in legislation in the State of Pennsylvania will have an impact on how attendees under the age of 18 may participate. Through their Keep Kids Safe website, Pennsylvania has announced that:

Beginning July 1, 2015, an adult applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children will need clearances.

Unofficial Court Report from Fruits of our Labours

Leia of Ealdormere, Award of the Wolfs Cub
Merewen de Sweynesheiei, Award of Orion
Lucia of Der Welfengau, Award of Arms

The Ealdormere Wiki is now live!

Hello everyone,

It sure has been a busy weekend. While I was unable to attend what sounds like a fantastic FOOL, I was not idle. I am happy to announce that the Ealdormere Wiki is open and ready to go.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Royal Einvigi Webpage

At Their Majesties request, Sir Baldric is scheduling a series of armoured combat and rapier tournaments to be hosted by each local group at their practices. The schedule is now posted on Sir Baldric's website.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ealdormere Wiki's Return

Her Excellency Catherine of Skraeling Althing is in the process of restoring the Ealdormere Wiki and recently sent out this message via social media:

Hello everyone,
As some of you are aware, I am in the process of getting the *unofficial* Ealdormere wiki back up and running again. This process is going well, and I have most of the data converted.* Once that's done I will post a link and give instructions on how you can get an account to join in on the fun.
*(But not images. Those will have to be re-uploaded manually. Probably for the best since I'm not sure they were all copyright-free.).
So why am I telling you this?
Due to privacy concerns about old persona pages, I have opted not to transfer over people's persona pages unless explicitly asked to by that person. That way, only the people that want the old data restored will get it. Others can either start with a clean slate and make a new page (I even wrote a tutorial/walk-though on how to do it), or not have a page at all.
It'll take me some time, as I'm about to get really busy, but since this is the sort of thing I can peck away at when I have bits of time to spare, I thought I would now ask that if you want your persona page or any particular image file restored to please contact me privately and I will add it to my 'to do' list.
In Service,

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Awards Given at Royal Court, Baronial Investiture

Honors given by Steinner and Lidr, at Septentrian Baronial Investiture, May 2 2015, A.S. L

Territorial Baron Septentria
Dafydd ap Sion

Territorial Baroness Septentria
Mathild de Valognes

Court Baron
Grom Meinfretr

Court Baroness
Anneke the Furious

Award of the Scarlett Banner
Dietrich von Sachsen

Children at Events

The Kingdom of Ealdormere website has posted information for parents and guardians bringing children to events. Read them over to make sure you get through gate quickly and without any problems!

News: Attending Events with Children

Getting Started (with section about children at events)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Crown List Posted

The list for Ealdormere's upcoming Crown Tournament has just been published in The Tidings:

  • Duke Sir Thormot Quilliam for Countess Domnhaill Galbraith
  • Mistress Aelfwyn et langenwuda for Lord Evan Quicktongue
  • The Honorable Lord Sven Ragnaldson for Mistress Kersteken Janzdochtere
  • Sir Tiberius of Warwickshire for The Honorable Lady Anne Tinker
  • Baron Kolbjorn Skattkaupandi for Baroness Wencenedl of Rokesburg
  • Baron Amelius Claudius Rattanicus for Baroness Isabelle Atwyll
  • Lord Edward of Flaming Sky for The Honorable Lady Constance of Caldrithig
  • Lord Alexander Gladstone for Lady Morgnana of Ealdromere
  • Lord Jack Mongo for Lady Eeva the Restless 

Currently Scheduled Royal Envigi (Tourneys)

Their Lupine Majesties Steinarr and Liðr are sponsoring tournaments at all local practices in Ealdormere. Their Majesties have asked each local marshal to host a tournament during their regular fight practices, once during Their Majesties Reign. Local marshals are urged to contact Sir Baldric to schedule their envigi. Currently schedule tourneys are:

Bryniau Tywynnog
Rapier: May 28Heavy: June 4
Heavy: July 12
Harrowgate Heath
Heavy: May 21
Der Welfengau
Rapier: May 12

Second Episode of Knowne World Bardcast Available

The second episode of the Knowne World Bardcast has been posted. This episode is dedicated to kingdom anthems:

In this special edition of the KWB we raise our voices to praise our respective homelands as nine of the twenty kingdoms of the SCA come forward to sing of the prowess and glory of their lands. An Tir, Trimaris, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Aethelmearc, East, Middle, Northshield and Glenn Abhann all lend their voices to this 60 minute journey through Kingom Anthems.  No panel this month but many songwriters and performers introduce the tracks from their homelands in great detail :) Hosted by Gideon ap Stephen from the Barony of Hawkwood in the Kingdom of Atlantia

Friday, 8 May 2015

Missive from the Green Mantle Herald

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!

The following armoury (and it's all armoury this time) has been registered by the SCA College of Arms:

* Cecil Winterbourne. Device. Argent, two swords in saltire and a double headed eagle sable, a bordure counter-ermine.

* Christiana Macnamara. Badge. (Fieldless) On a shoe sole per pale purpure and gules, a winged snail argent. 
This is the defining instance of a shoe sole in Society heraldry. It is found in the Stemmario Tribulziano by Nicolo' Orsini de Marzo under the heading of di Sori, and illustrated in Bossewell, 1572 [III.17]. The default orientation is palewise, toe to chief

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Medical Refrigeration Not Available This Year at Pennsic War

The Pennsic War has just made the following announcement:

Effective this year, The Pennsic War can not provide refrigeration service for individuals needing storage of medications.

If you must bring sensitive medicines that need refrigeration please take that into consideration when making your Pennsic plans.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Official Court Report from Dafydd and Mahhild's First Court

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
Honors given by Dafydd & Mahhild, at Septentria Baronial Investiture, May 2, 2015, A.S. L

Bear's Heart
Lady Eeva the Restless


Change of officer (Chatelaine):
Lady Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr (outgoing) to Lady Johanna Herst (incoming)

TE presented personal gifts of thanks to THL Grom Meinfretr and Lady Anneke the Furious--two wooden cups turned by Lord Einar and carved by THL Thorfinna Gra’feldr.

TE Shahid & Catherine of Skraeling Althing presented a cup of friendship to TE Dafydd & Mahhild, as a traditional sign of the bond of friendship between the two baronies, requesting that TE Dafydd & Mahhild present the cup to the next Baron/Baroness of Skraeling Althing, in continuance of the tradition. There was also a basket of largesse items made by the populace of Skrael.

TE Dmitri & Gema of Rising Waters presented Septentria with a floor mat with the Septentrian Bear.

TEs’ Canton of Vest Yorvik presented a basket of welcome to TE, as a gesture of goodwill, and as part of the baronial tax obligation decreed by HE Grom at the last 12th Night celebration.

Monday, 4 May 2015

History of Grom and Anneke's Term as Baron and Baroness of Septentria Posted

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
The History of Ealdormere website has just posted Septentriskrönikan (Septentria’s Chronicle): The History of the Term of Grom thegn and Anneke bannthegnof Septentria as penned by THLaird Colyne Stewart. This heavily foot-noted history is written in rhyming couplets in the style of the famous Swedish chronicle Erikskrönikan.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

New Baron and Baroness of Septentria Invested

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
Yesterday saw the Canton of Skeldergate (and friends) host Septentrian Baronial Investiture. The last court of Grom and Anneke occurred in the morning. At the court, Duchess Adrielle presented Grom and Anneke with new High Seats, paid for by the people of Septentria, and constructed by THL Hans Thorvaldson. Before stepping down, they had a few pieces of business to conduct.

First, they awarded the Cup of Bergiefu to Lord Normand Hauberkker for exemplifying the virtue of generosity. The Cup is the most recent in a long line of special awards of merit given out by any of Septentria's past barons and baronesses.

Feeling that HE Percival deLaroque, former Baron of Septentria, had never been adequately recognized for his perseverance and dedication when he was Baron of Septentria and overcame several obstacles to become an authorized fighter. To remedy this, they presented him with an Award of the Bear Claw in the form of a throwing axe with a blade fashioned to resemble a claw.

Likewise, they gave an axe to THL Danial of Whitby and THL Catriona inghean Ragnaill as an Order of the Bear's Heart. The blade of this axe was shaped like a bear's hear, with hearts on the side.

As these axes were deemed to be works of art, Their Excellencies gave an Award of the Golden Bear to Gerart, who had fashioned them both.

They then released their Chamberlain, Lady Eeva the Restless, but asked their champions to remain and guard the High Seats. Their Majesties then released Grom and Anneke, and called Dafydd and Mahhild before them and swore them in as the new Baron and Baroness of Septentria.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Official Court Report from Coronation of Steinarr and Lyðr

Honors given by Steinarr and Lidr, at Spring Coronation, April 25 2015, A.S. 49

Steinarr Aggarson

Lidr Lang-akason

Ducal *already bestowed . this is third reign
Trumbrand the Wanderer
Kaylah the Cheerfull

Award of Orion
Jack Mungo

Award of Maidens Heart
Godefroi d\' Orleans
Cameron McGregor
Jehanne de Bretange

Award of Arms
Cecilia of Bastille du Lac