Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bardic Works Appearing Without Attribution [Updated]

Arms of Drakenfjord
It has come to the Gazette's attention that the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord (part of the High Fantasy Society in Texas, and formally part of Amtgard) has compiled a lengthy publication called Bardic Babblings.

Unfortunately, the compiler of this tome has taken works from numerous bards of the Society for Creative Anachronism (as well as other modern artists) without permission, and has not included any credit or copyright whatsoever. These versions of the Society's bards were also apparently housed on a website called the Bardic Bower (which is now defunct).

On page 12 of the 1171 page document, this disclaimer is included:

If you have any lyric sheets, sheet music or other commentary to add please contact Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir at the email address of and pass along whatever information you may posses. For instance many of these pieces are of unknown origin and any notes of where they originated would be appreciated. Also if you are interested in increasing your collection of works many many more can be found archived at the Bardic Bower Website also known as the Bardic Hall… Many notes and alternant versions can be found there as well. Printed copies of this document are unavalible due to the prohibitive cost of printing and shipping a 1,200 page document. Feel free to print it and distribute it as you will for use within the realms of the organizations that promote the Bardic arts such as Amtgard, The High Fantasy Society, and The Society for Creative Anachronism…
Although the compiler, attributed as Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir, claims that "many of these pieces are of unknown origin" it seems unlikely that all these pieces by the Society's modern day bards would have been discovered with no credit or copyright noted.

Officers of Drakenfjord are listed on their website. The High Fantasy Society website has no contacts listed, and appears to be years out of date, though they do also have an active Forum and a Facebook group.

[Update: Bardic Babblings has also been published on a site called Yumpu.]

[Update: Please see the follow-up to this article.]


  1. FYI:

    The compiler of this document has included, at the end of the Table of Contents, a request for information about the origins of any "pieces of unknown origin", along with contact information.

    While I don't like to see works appearing uncredited, I would prefer to assume ignorance / lack of data over plagiarism or exploitation...

  2. On page 814 is "The Queen and the Soldier" which is by Suzanne Vega, so this book has at least one copyrighted song by a modern artist.

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  4. I am so very sorry! I now owe apologies to all the bards in the known world. I The Book is a copy of my personal lyric sheet collection with my annotations trimmed out and a few articles I was using to teach a bardic class It was never supposed to be published at all! Now that I am aware the files were thrown together and published under my name I am deleting it. I am also going through and password protecting all my digital files so it cannot happen again.
    The "book" has been taken down. I had my accounts hacked and my bardic collection files were edited and posted with out my knowledge or permission. The poster had to remove all my annotations for credit and know history on the works in order to do this. If you see the collection of lyric sheets anywhere else please let me know so that I can get it removed.