Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Missive from the AEthelmearc Kingdom Earl Marshal regarding Youth Fighting or Fencing at Pennsic

This missive was recently posted to Facebook:

Update from Duchess Tessa TheHuntress on youth fighting/fencing as adults at Pennsic:
So, deputy mayor Sulla rocks. We have a solution, we'll need people with the background checks and training. If you have it or are willing to do it, please let me know, we can get this done.
No minors or youth in the woods. But they can be in the rest of the melees. I will post more details later, but I'm driving.
Please feel free to post this far and wide. It is essential we get enough people with the clearances, so we can make this happen.
Tessa, AEthelmearc KEM
Note: this applies to both heavy and rapier.

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  1. Wonder how all of this applies to target archery, thrown weapons or simply walking around on their (13-17 year olds) own?