Friday, 8 May 2015

Missive from the Green Mantle Herald

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!

The following armoury (and it's all armoury this time) has been registered by the SCA College of Arms:

* Cecil Winterbourne. Device. Argent, two swords in saltire and a double headed eagle sable, a bordure counter-ermine.

* Christiana Macnamara. Badge. (Fieldless) On a shoe sole per pale purpure and gules, a winged snail argent. 
This is the defining instance of a shoe sole in Society heraldry. It is found in the Stemmario Tribulziano by Nicolo' Orsini de Marzo under the heading of di Sori, and illustrated in Bossewell, 1572 [III.17]. The default orientation is palewise, toe to chief

* Einar Josepsson inn Austrifara. Device. Vert, a raven Or, on a chief embattled argent two wooden bowls proper.

* Gunter Wahlstedt. Badge. (Fieldless) On a tower per pale sable and argent three pheons counterchanged.

* Percival de la Rocque. Badge. (Fieldless) On a shoe sole per pale purpure and gules, a beer stein argent.

* Percival de la Rocque and Christiana Macnamara. Joint badge. (Fieldless) A shoe sole per pale purpure and gules.

* Violetta da Parma. Device. Chevronelly Or and purpure, a unicorn contourny argent and a base vert.

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