Friday, 29 May 2015

Missive from Their Majesties regarding Crown Tourney

Greetings Ealdormere!

We are well pleased with Our Crown Tourney, never have We seen such a colorful, heraldry filled display by combatants and their consorts. The Queen was apparently responsible for the fine weather, despite the dust cloud that surged thru the list later in the day.

Thank you to the Barony of Rising Waters for hosting the event. Things ran smoothly and you are to be congratulated for a successful event! Wassail as well to the Feast staff – a fanciful array of foods that were as pleasing to the eye as to the taste.

We would also congratulate the combatants who entered Our Crown Tourney. All of you showed immense honor and prowess both on and off the list.  To the consorts, your inspiration shone brighter than the sun.

Congratulations to Tormot Quilliam, victor of the Tourney and his consort Domhnaill Galbraith. The Line of the North is secure and We are confident it will be in good hands someday.


HRM Steinarr & LiĆ°r

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