Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Internal Letter of Intent on OSCAR


For all those who are heraldically inclined, Ealdormere has just released both an Internal and an External Letter of Intent on OSCAR (  Please go forth and comment!

For those of you wondering what the deuce I just said, OSCAR is the system where heralds review name and armoury submissions.  The internal letter comes first; each submission is reviewed at the kingdom level.  This is a chance to check for any issues or conflicts and to resolve them before the submission progresses to the Society level.  The External Letter of Intent is assembled once the Kingdom commentary is complete. At this point, heralds from all around the Known World review the submissions before the final decisions are made to register or return each one.  The entire process (assuming there are no issues or that issues are resolved at the Kingdom level) takes about 7-8 months.

If you are interested in submitting a name, device, badge, household name or badge, or learning more, please feel free to contact me (Nicolaa), Green Mantle Herald, at

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