Monday, 18 May 2015

The Ealdormere Wiki is now live!

Hello everyone,

It sure has been a busy weekend. While I was unable to attend what sounds like a fantastic FOOL, I was not idle. I am happy to announce that the Ealdormere Wiki is open and ready to go.

A few notes:

- Because the spammers are always one step ahead, account creation is done through the admins. There's a link on the main page to a form, fill in your info and I'll get your account set up tout suite (your account info, including an auto-generated password will be sent to your email as soon as it's been created).

- Please do not add/upload any copyrighted material.

- Please be aware that not everyone is comfortable putting their information on the web.
We request that you do not make or edit a persona page unless requested to do so my that person. For added peace of mind, persona pages or articles may be locked to prevent editing by other users (excluding moderators and admins, who will always have access) by requesting a page lock.


In Service,

P.S. I expect there will be some kinks to work out as we all move forward on this project together. Your patience is appreciated in these cases.

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