Thursday, 25 June 2015

New Letter of Acceptance

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!

The following names and amoury have been registered with the Society:

  • Astriðr Einarsdottir. Alternate name Sapphira Roz Vardoe.
  • Ceallach O'Shea. Badge. (Fieldless) A trillium sable between and conjoined to three bees tails to center Or.
  • Ealdormere, Kingdom of. Badge. Per pale embattled sable and Or, an open book and a rapier counterchanged.
  • Gunter Wahlstedt. Badge. Per pale argent and sable, a domestic cat herissony and a bordure counterchanged.
  • Kaisa Haapalainen. Name.
  • Song Zidie. Alternate name Ozme van Helist and badge, Vert, on an altar Or an alder sprig vert.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pennsic Newcomers Social

On Sunday, August 2, from 2 – 4 pm, in AS15, the Chatelaines of AEthelmearc are once again hosting a Newcomers Social. All newcomers to Pennsic (or to the SCA in general) are invited to attend. The organizers are hopeful that several kingdom Chatelaines and members of the royalty will be in attendance. This will be a casual affair, and an opportunity for newcomers to ask questions and get to know people from around the Known World. Light refreshments will be served.

AS15 is one of the Pennsic University tents, and is located between the Lost & Found and the Dance Tents.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rose Tourney at War of the Trillium

Duchess Adrielle Kerrec will once again be organizing a Rose Tourney at War of the Trillium:

Once again there will be a Rose Tournament at Trillies. It has been scheduled for Saturday after Court. Court is set for 5pm. We are hoping to be going at or before 7pm dependant of course on Their Royal Majesties wishes.

The format will be the same as in prior years . Specifically, each team will consist of one rapier combatant & two unbelted armoured combatant fighters. Each bout will consist of three passes - a pass between opposing Roses' unbelt, followed by a rapier pass and then the 2nd unbelt pass (or whatever order the Roses choose, they can even choose to have their armoured combatants fight as a two man team). The victor will be the Rose Team whose team has the greatest number of winning passes in the bout.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Interview with Duchess Adrielle Kerrec, OP, OL

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
Duchess Adrielle Kerrec is well known within the Kingdom of Ealdormere, and in many other kingdoms besides. Recently she agreed to answer a few questions about her experiences in the SCA.

When did you first join the SCA?
I first learned of the SCA when I was in highschool.  My boyfriend at the time (eventual Baron of Septentria - Ieuan)  had been to Pennsic the year before and convinced me into going.  Pennsic was my first and second SCA event.  It was significantly smaller then. It was very humid my first Pennsic and we had to sleep in a VW Rabbit as the tent we had collapsed instantly in one of Pennsic's famous torrential downpours.  We didn't know the SCA existed at all in Ontario until that 2nd Pennsic when we met other Canadians - namely Cordigan, Aedan and a few others. Shortly thereafter we joined the SCA and founded Petrea Thule.

What activities do you enjoy most?
Hm, depends who you ask,  my husband would say politics :)    Other than that I'd say the social-ness of it.  I love the diversity of persons it has and the friendships I've made - through the SCA I have met so many friends who have become very important in my life - first and foremost Nigel.  I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world and meet people who I have developed real and lasting meaningful friendships with.  I am continually inspired by the people I meet - by their talents and generosity of skills and spirit. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Court Report from Murder Melee

Honors given by Steinarr and Lidr, at Murder Melee , June 13 2015, A.S. 50

Countess Arlette de Saules

Maidens Heart
Christiana Mundegumry (was Christine Montgomery)

Scroll of Honour
Conal MacEarnan


Donation to the Kingdom (use to be determined) from the Shire of Trinovantia Nova $300 proceeds from Winter War profits.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

TV Ontario to Film at War of the Trillium

Please be advised that TVOntario Kids will be filming on the Armored Combat Battlefield and/or the full site for Trillium War for a few hours on Saturday July 5th starting at roughly 9:00am. This season, the kids show "The Mystery Files" is running an overall story arc "How Leadership is Chosen". The show's young actor, a 13 year old boy, will be going to different groups (SCA, Aboriginal groups, etc.) to interview and learn about their leadership selection procedures.

This segment for the SCA focuses on choosing our King & Queen by tournament combat. The general outline is that the investigator will interview specified people to get the general idea of the SCA, learn how to throw a few sword blows, and then watch a "Crown Tournament". This production request has the full support of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

If you do not wish yourself or your family to be included in the broadcast, or potentially captured in the background we please ask that you and/or your family stay clear of the battlefield and/or filming areas during this time period. Thank you for your cooperation.

HE Grom Meinfretr
Autocrat, War of the Trillium 2015

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Third Episode of Knowne World Bardcast Available

The third episode of the Knowne World Bardcast is now available online, and features several Ealdormerean songs:

The third episode of the Knowne World Bardcast, featuring the second installation of our Kingdom Anthems series. This episode features submissions from The West, Atenveldt, Caid, Meridies, Calontir, Ealdormere, and Avacal.  Panel discussion this month features Viscountess Syele Thorsdottir of the West, Master Effenwealt Wystle of Atlantia, Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge of The East and Lord Andrew Blackwood of The Middle Hosted and curated by Gideon ap Stephen of the Barony of Hawkwood in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Curated and hosted by Gideon ap Stephen of the Barony of Hawkweed in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Friday, 12 June 2015

The SCA Diffusion Study

[Originally posted on the AEthelmearc Gazette and reprinted with permission.]
THLord Thomas the Green recently created a survey he calls the “SCA Diffusion Study,” in which he is attempting to determine how the Society has spread over its 50 years. You can contribute to the survey here. Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope interviewed His Lordship about the project.
When did you join the SCA? Where are you from?
I joined the SCA in 1993 at the Shire of Dernehealde, Barony of the Middle Marches, Midrealm, in Athens Ohio, (Ohio University). Oddly enough, I’ve always lived in the Midrealm.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

July Issue of The Tidings is now Available!

We are pleased to let you know that the July 2015 Kingdom Newsletters are now available to all current Sustaining and International members for your review.

Are you a New Member?

No Registration is Required - to visit the enewsletter site, please go to to access.

Please use your Membership Number as your User ID and the beginning password is the word start. We would advise you to change your password to one of your choosing upon entry.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact Member Services.

Kind Regards,
The Membership Staff
SCA, Inc.
(800) 789-7486

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Important Murder Melee Update

The following was posted to the Murder Melee Facebook event page today:

 The members of the Barony of Ben Dunfirth and the autocrat and staff of this year’s Melee event would like to express our concern and support for the family and friends of the man who went missing in Lake Niapenco on Monday night. We understand this is a very difficult time, and hope for a swift and positive resolution.
 As a result of the investigation into his disappearance, the park will be closed to the general public (but open to us) until Saturday and there will be a police presence on site. The gate will be closed but not locked during the day on Thursday and Friday. Please enter and close the gate behind you. Attendees are reminded to cooperate with any instructions given by the Hamilton Police Service and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, and to immediately report any unusual activity or found items to the autocrat so they can be communicated to the appropriate authorities. We encourage you to stay away from the beach and lake area until further notice. It is our sincere hope that this situation will be resolved soon, and that Melee will be able to continue with minimal disruption.

Information on the missing man can be read here.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

This month's registrations from the College of Heralds

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!

The following devices and badges been registered by the College of Heralds:

Auríkr Biarnarson. Device. Sable, in pale three hammers Or between flaunches per fess rayonny Or and gules.

* Da'ud al-Basir. Device. Per pall inverted sable, argent and gules, two crosses of Jerusalem counterchanged and a falcon striking argent.

* Elzebeth MacGregor. Badge. Argent, in fess three triquetras vert.

* Godefroi d'Orléans. Badge. Per pale sable and azure, a fleur-de-lys argent and a bordure argent crusilly Maltese sable.

Registration for Next Trillium Exchange is now open

The Summer/Fall round of Ealdormere's Trillium Exchange is now open.

While being a member of Facebook is not mandatory it is highly advised as
most of the the conversations and details are shared on the groups page:

Here is the link to the survey:

Please carefully read the agreement for participation. The end date for the
Exchange will be November 7th at Feast of the Hare. Your gift should be in
the hands of the recipient by that day (unless you have otherwise been
granted an extension).

This round is limited to 30 artisans.


Admin for the Trillium Exchange Summer/Fall 2015

Saturday, 6 June 2015

New Vigilant named for the Order of the Laurel

Today at Pikeman's Pleasure, THL Albrecht Stampher was extended an invitation to enter the Order of the Laurel. Wassail!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Official Morning Court Report from Crown Tourney

Honors given by Steinarr and Lidr, at Coronation, May 23 2015, A.S. 50
Thormot Quilliam

Domhnail Galbraith

Maidens Heart
Jowan Nyn Ranell
Sciath Ingen Chaennaig

Kolbjorn Skatkopandei


Change of Kingdom Champion to Sir Edward the Red

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Op Ed: Why I Play

Source: Wikimedia Commons.
A story about why I play in the SCA and why I feel it is full of beautiful people.

First a little bit about me. I was born missing three fingers on my right hand, my right arm is shorter than my left and my elbow is fused and does not bend. I am in my late 30s and have adapted quite well to learning how to do things differently. It really doesn't stop me nor does my disability really bother me. However, there are a few things in life that I have always wanted to try but have struggled to find a way to do...until now. Archery was one of those things. I attempted to shoot a bow a few times but I was unable to get a strong draw and hold the bow steady. While talking about my struggles with my friends, they recommended trying a crossbow. The thought intrigued me, but I honestly did not want to spend a significant amount of money on an item I wasn't sure was going to work for me. My friends took me to the New World Arbalest merchant booth at Gulf Wars last year to speak to Master Iolo about my physical limitations and to see if there was a way for me to set and shoot a cross bow. His apprentice had a Mongolian Horse Crossbow for me to try and as soon as I shot it, I was in love. I wanted to take it home and give it a name. Unfortunately I was not prepared for a large purchase and this particular model was above my price point. We came to an arrangement where I would save the money I needed for a crossbow and would commission it from "Dirty" (a name that, in my opinion, does not fit this beautiful lady one bit).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

50 Demos in AS 50 Challenge

The Kingdom Chatelaine of AEthelmearc has issued the following challenge:

The Historical new Masters of Defense Peerage, the addition of Avacal as the 20th Kingdom, and the awe-inspiring pageantry and chivalry shown at AEthelmearc’s Celebration of Rapier and Crown Tournament, A.S. 50 is already off to an exciting start. Let’s keep that excitement going, by sharing it with others, and helping our Kingdom grow.
 The challenge is simple – hold 50 demos throughout the Kingdom in A.S. 50 (May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016) 50 demos may sound like a lot, but it breaks down to only 10 demos per region over the course of the year. Four demos have already happened in May, and there’s another 8 on the calendar, so we’re already 1/4 of the way there.

Class schedule for Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium now Available!

Greetings from Magistra Nicolaa, class coordinator for Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2015!

I am pleased to announce that the full class schedule is now available at Also, a reminder that you have two days left to take advantage of our block pricing at our hotel. If you are planning to attend, please make sure you preregister (form is available on the website) so we know you are coming. Payment is accepted at gate, $55 CAD or USD (+$5 non-member surcharge, if that applies). T-shirts are also still available for pre-order. This is shaping up to be an amazing event, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Toronto in a little over three weeks!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Missive from Their Majesties regarding War Gifts

Greetings unto the Noble Populace of Ealdormere!
As We make Our War preparations, news has reached us that Ealdormere is now tasked with preparing a War Gift for the Kingdom of Caid. Their Heirs, Prince Athanaric and Princess Sigriðr will be stepping up just prior to Pennsic.

We would call upon the many and talented artisans within the Kingdom to consider contributing to this War Gift. In a Kingdom as skilled as Ours, we should be able to fill a chest… YES A CHEST… full of handmade treasures befitting the Kingdom of Caid.

Please visit the webpage for the Kingdom Caid for inspiration / color schemes / etc - ** <>.

Should you be interested in contributing to this War Chest, and/or require additional information; please contact Baroness Christiana Macnamara OP at ** <> to sign up.

Contributions will need to be delivered to Their Majesties no later than July 22nd.

We look forward to seeing what fine works come forth!

TRM’s Steinarr & Liðr

Monday, 1 June 2015

A Knightly Challenge

Knight on a Bike: Quest for Tomorrows

Unto all Kings, Princes, Knights, Squires, Men of Coat armor, and those who pursue Knightly Enterprise under the many banners of Chivalric culture, and who be not enemies of Chivalry do I, Robert D. Roach, Knight of the SCA, Knight of the Drawn Sword, Principle of the Company of the Black Swan, Leftennant of the Company of St. Jude, send heartfelt greetings.

I would have you know that I have been blessed by the Divine beyond my worth. I hold the favor of Family far beyond my Station, and have been witness to Deeds of Arms performed by the some of the Greatest, most Puissant Knights of this Century.
I have reveled with Great Men and Women, Gone to tournament in sacred places, and been taught by the greatest of teachers. I have earned the love of Brothers in arms who would bleed for me, and have been ennobled by small Deeds of Arms performed upon my person by fierce Knights from all the corners of this World.

Peerage Pathways Project seeks input

The Peerage Pathways Project, an independent anthropological study studying attitudes towards the peerages across the knowne world, is seeking input from both peers and non-peers alike.

According to their Facebook page:

The Peerage Pathways Project seeks to gather information about an individual’s experiences on their journey to elevation. This knowledge will be gathered to provide a better understanding to the Society populace and educate us on both positive trends as well as opportunities for growth. Each person’s path to Peerage is different. When searching the internet for information about this topic, I found a lot of individual accounts that helped to set a framework. I know there are thousands of more experiences and stories to be told. My mission is to collect those narratives, so they can be shared with the Known World. This is an Unofficial SCA Group and an independent study.

The survey for the general populace and for peers can both be found on Survey Monkey.