Monday, 1 June 2015

A Knightly Challenge

Knight on a Bike: Quest for Tomorrows

Unto all Kings, Princes, Knights, Squires, Men of Coat armor, and those who pursue Knightly Enterprise under the many banners of Chivalric culture, and who be not enemies of Chivalry do I, Robert D. Roach, Knight of the SCA, Knight of the Drawn Sword, Principle of the Company of the Black Swan, Leftennant of the Company of St. Jude, send heartfelt greetings.

I would have you know that I have been blessed by the Divine beyond my worth. I hold the favor of Family far beyond my Station, and have been witness to Deeds of Arms performed by the some of the Greatest, most Puissant Knights of this Century.
I have reveled with Great Men and Women, Gone to tournament in sacred places, and been taught by the greatest of teachers. I have earned the love of Brothers in arms who would bleed for me, and have been ennobled by small Deeds of Arms performed upon my person by fierce Knights from all the corners of this World.

But I must confess that, though I have striven under the banner of Chivalric good; though I have forwarded the name of my Family in the hottest press, I have done so many times drunken upon my own vanity and pleasure.

I have thought myself brave, stalwart, and strong.

I will tell you truly, though my lust for Great Deeds is strong, and I have traveled the breadth of this world pursuing them like a hound bays at the hart, My thirst is not slated. When the mason etches out my effigy, it will not have been enough. I count the days I have spent on the pleasantries of court and the ease of strength as of little consequence and wasted opportunity.

For though I have won some modicum of Renown, my youth is now burned away, and I am left only with weakness of body and the very great desire to Honor those more brave than I. My fevered head is filled with the desire to leave some small thing which is good in this World.

But in spite of this appetite , I have neither the wealth of the Great Lords, nor the wisdom of physicians. I am merely a Knight growing feeble, surrounded by slowly tarnishing trophies in an empty hall.

Before I am dead, or too fat and weak from too much time at banquet, I have set my purpose upon an enterprise, and have bent all my will upon it; I would do some small thing to Honor and give comfort to those children and youth who shame me with their bravery each hour of God’s day by their constant strength of will.

And so, you Nobles of Coat armor from all of this World’s Knightly traditions, I would send forth to you this, my Defiance and Declaration. I shall journey around this globe, awaiting at crossroads, castles and cities as our ancestors did so that I may receive the blessing of Noble Challengers. I shall travel ever east from the gate of my keep, through the Kingdoms of Christendom, through the orient and the Holy City of Jerusalem, through the Last Templar holdings of Cyprus, even unto the Great Kingdom of Prestor John and beyond, in search of succor for those who are in great need, and in the hopes that Noble Knights may do some Deed of Arms upon my person so that these very same Children may be honored.

I shall travel with harness of tournament . I shall receive all Noble Challengers with batons or rebated swords of steel as our Ancestors did; at crossroads, or at any great gathering of Men of Coat Armor. Thus will Chivalry, and these stalwart children be served by our efforts.

Look you to your harness, so that you may be well prepared upon my passing.
Upon this missive and purpose do I set my hand and seal,

Robert D. Roach

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