Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Missive from Their Majesties regarding War Gifts

Greetings unto the Noble Populace of Ealdormere!
As We make Our War preparations, news has reached us that Ealdormere is now tasked with preparing a War Gift for the Kingdom of Caid. Their Heirs, Prince Athanaric and Princess Sigriðr will be stepping up just prior to Pennsic.

We would call upon the many and talented artisans within the Kingdom to consider contributing to this War Gift. In a Kingdom as skilled as Ours, we should be able to fill a chest… YES A CHEST… full of handmade treasures befitting the Kingdom of Caid.

Please visit the webpage for the Kingdom Caid for inspiration / color schemes / etc - *http://www.sca-caid.org/* <http://www.sca-caid.org/>.

Should you be interested in contributing to this War Chest, and/or require additional information; please contact Baroness Christiana Macnamara OP at *wingedsnail@sympatico.ca* <wingedsnail@sympatico.ca> to sign up.

Contributions will need to be delivered to Their Majesties no later than July 22nd.

We look forward to seeing what fine works come forth!

TRM’s Steinarr & Liðr

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