Monday, 1 June 2015

Peerage Pathways Project seeks input

The Peerage Pathways Project, an independent anthropological study studying attitudes towards the peerages across the knowne world, is seeking input from both peers and non-peers alike.

According to their Facebook page:

The Peerage Pathways Project seeks to gather information about an individual’s experiences on their journey to elevation. This knowledge will be gathered to provide a better understanding to the Society populace and educate us on both positive trends as well as opportunities for growth. Each person’s path to Peerage is different. When searching the internet for information about this topic, I found a lot of individual accounts that helped to set a framework. I know there are thousands of more experiences and stories to be told. My mission is to collect those narratives, so they can be shared with the Known World. This is an Unofficial SCA Group and an independent study.

The survey for the general populace and for peers can both be found on Survey Monkey.

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