Thursday, 18 June 2015

TV Ontario to Film at War of the Trillium

Please be advised that TVOntario Kids will be filming on the Armored Combat Battlefield and/or the full site for Trillium War for a few hours on Saturday July 5th starting at roughly 9:00am. This season, the kids show "The Mystery Files" is running an overall story arc "How Leadership is Chosen". The show's young actor, a 13 year old boy, will be going to different groups (SCA, Aboriginal groups, etc.) to interview and learn about their leadership selection procedures.

This segment for the SCA focuses on choosing our King & Queen by tournament combat. The general outline is that the investigator will interview specified people to get the general idea of the SCA, learn how to throw a few sword blows, and then watch a "Crown Tournament". This production request has the full support of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

If you do not wish yourself or your family to be included in the broadcast, or potentially captured in the background we please ask that you and/or your family stay clear of the battlefield and/or filming areas during this time period. Thank you for your cooperation.

HE Grom Meinfretr
Autocrat, War of the Trillium 2015

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