Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Pennsic Episode of Knowne World Bardcast Online

In this, the fourth episode of the Knowne World Bardcast, tis the season for WAR! As The Knowne World converges on Slippery Rock PA for this year's Pennsic War we examine this ancient subject via the work of some of the biggest names in Bardic. Heather Dale, Ken Theriot, Mistress Rosaline Jehanne, Baroness Adelena Falconbridge and many more. No panel this month, just seventeen tracks to take you to or from the battlefield--in body or in spirit! Hosted and Curated by Gideon ap Stephen of The Barony of Hawkwood in The Kingdom of Atlantia.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Memorial Shield Wall for SCA 50 Year Celebration

A project is underway to honour members of the Society who have passed on, as well as groups and events that have disappeared. As the project's website says:
A project to memorialize people, households, groups and events that are not around any longer but of whom we all have fond memories.
As we celebrate our Society completing its 50th year, we look around and see gaps. Dust to dust it is said, but “no one dies who lives within a heart” (Michael Longcor) and we want to share those who are lost to time but living in our hearts at this time. So, whether it is a person or some kind of entity (households, groups and events) that is no longer part of the fabric of our lives, the Shield Wall will be a highlight at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Event to share with the attendees.
Anyone who wishes to may create a standard size paper shield blank in any design that reminds THEM of the person, event, etc. It does not have to just be heraldry. It can be photos, toys, dolls, etc. We will take electronic submissions or you can mail your submission to our minions or you can get them to Indiana for the June 2016 event physically. We would appreciate you fill out the submission form so we can be sure to have room for your submission.
The shields would have a place of honor at 50 Year and be displayed for all to see.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Paladin's Pantry Food Drive at Pennsic

Dear Gentles,

Have you ever found yourself with more to pack at the end of Pennsic then you did when you set out from home, only to find that your vehicle seems to have shrunk? Is your kitchen area full of boxes of cereal, pasta, jars of peanut butter, and jugs of bottled water you can't remember buying?

Never fear! The annual Paladin's Pantry Food Drive is here to help by conveying your camp's extra food and drink to a local food bank. Just drop any unopened foodstuffs or beverages (no alcohol, please) at one of our handy collection points:

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Update regarding land at Pennsic

[Posted to Facebook earlier today:]

A letter from the Deputy Mayor for Land at Pennsic 44:

After spending last weekend at Cooper’s Lake and looking at the situation there, several hard decisions were made for the 11,765 people preregistered for Pennsic.

No further condensing could be done on the 18 blocks that were seriously over-booked because most blocks could not sustain extra people without compromising the safety of the campers. The groups that had to be moved off their blocks due to this over-crowding were chosen based on the number of people needing to be moved. A total of 383 campers were over the limit in their block and we're relocated.

With 3 more storms forecast for this week, it would only get worse.

The blocks that were closed due to flooding added 91 campers to be moved due to their blocks closing (including the camps of the Mayor and Land1).

That made 474 campers for whom we needed to find another home, for this year ONLY. No seniority will be compromised! Tough decisions were made and we ask that you wait till you arrive and see the status of your block.

I will be available in the Great Hall during Land hours for anyone wishing to discuss this.

Lady Magdalena Winter
One, Pennsic 44

Next BoD Meeting Announced

The Board of Directors is excited to announce the 2015 Fourth Quarter Board of Directors Meeting to take place in the Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

The location is The Embassy Suites, Pittsburg International Airport, 550 Cherryington Parkway
Corapolis, PA 15108.  Start time is 9:00 a.m. ET.

Modern clothing is requested.  All members and interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Chirurgeons Guild Founded

Unto all Gentles of the Knowne World, whatsoever their title may be, does Mistress Fia Kareman send greetings.

It is with excitement that I announce that a Chirurgeons Guild has been established, and as of today, is considered active.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Pennsic Youth Marshaling

[Posted to FaceBook and the Ealdormere e-list today:]


As you may be aware there has been some mundane law changes within the State of Pennsylvania with regards to working with youths and how this would affect the SCA, Pennsic and more specifically the Marshals of Ealdormere.

Our Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Jocea, has contacted the Society Seneschal directly and he has confirmed that the Marshals of Ealdormere do not need to under take any new processes to carry out Youth Marshal activities. Please continue to follow current Society/ Pennsic guidelines.

So go to Pennsic, have fun, volunteer and continue to make Ealdormere look good.
Thank you for your time and patience with regards to this matter.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Chirurgeonate to be Closed

                The decision has been made to close the Office of the Chirurgeonate as of August 10th, 2015.  The board and corporate officers want to extend their gratitude for ALL who have served our organization in this capacity in the past. To those who have provided feedback, questions, and worked to explore options for scopes of the office that would allow our organization to retain the office and maintain insurance coverage for the officers and our organization, many thanks as well.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Land Block and Road Closures for Pennsic 44

Posted to Facebook earlier today:

From the Mayor’s Office Regarding Campground Restrictions due to Weather Conditions

Be advised that these restrictions & closings only apply for PW44.

Due to abnormal rainfall this year some areas of Cooper’s Lake Campground are very wet and muddy (and have a high probability for vehicles becoming stuck). Due to that and potential complications of further rain, both before and during the event, the Mayor and the Land Staff are placing the following restrictions and closings into effect. See the list below to find out if your campsite is affected; on site look for Red Lines which will be painted around or within blocks denoting closed sections.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Powering Your CPAP at Pennsic

An increasing number of Society members are being prescribed CPAP machines, to help with their breathing at night. Using a CPAP machine at camping events like Pennsic can be problematic, since they require power that’s often not available in many camps. And since Pennsic is coming up very soon, this is an issue confronting many.
To assist with that, Master Phillip teaches a class at Pennsic on how to power your medical devices when away from commercial power. In order to help people acquire what they need before they actually get to Pennsic, he has uploaded his class handout here. (PDF file warning).
[Originally posted on the Midrealm Gazette.]

Monday, 6 July 2015

Septentria Court Report - War of the Trillium

Honors given by Dafydd and Mahhild, at War of the Trillium, July 4, 2015, A.S. L

Golden Bear
Lady Ailis de la Marche
THL Thorfinna gra\'feldr

Bear\'s Claw
THL Brendan Hunterson


Outgoing champions dismissed: Lord Rorik of Septentria (Armoured), Lord Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson (Archery), Lord Geoffroy Richardson (called G.G.--Rapier) and Lord Geirrart* (name & title not avail in OP--Thrown).

Incoming champions appointed: THL Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg (Armoured), Nemy the Non-Speaking (Archery), THL Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell (Rapier), Lord Geirhart (name & title not avail in OP--Thrown).

Lord Fuld Beauxarmes stepped down as Seneschal of Petrea Thule, succeeded by THL Brendan Hunterson.

THL Catriona inghean Ragnaill announced the winners of the Thrown Weapons tournament--THL Thorfinna gra\'feldr (overall), James (new thrower) and Christopher (youth).

Baronial announcements were made regarding Pennsic, and the contest to design the children\'s Bear Cub award medallion.

[*Editor's note: Gerart vander Borch]

Royal Court Report - War of the Trillium

Honors given by Steinarr and Lidr, at Trillium Wars Afternoon Court, July 4, 2015, A.S. 50

Award of Arms
Eoin MacAlpen
Rose of Greyfells

Order of the Laurel
Catherine Townson


Change of Lawspeaker.. Outgoing Baroness Xristinia, incomming THLady Elenid ferch Angor.

Honors given by Steinarr and Lidr, at Trillium Wars Evening Court, July 4, 2015, A.S. 50

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Society’s Guidelines for Youth Combat at Pennsic and Changes to PA Laws

The following information has been forwarded to the East Kingdom by Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom, on behalf of the Society Seneschal. Originally posted by the East Kingdom Gazette.
Greetings Unto the East Kingdom: Below is the Society’s Guidelines
A.J. Pongratz
Society Seneschal
Vice President of Operations, SCA Inc.
In reviewing the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services and the recent statute with other officers and agents of the SCA, I have determined that this statute will not impact on Heavy Combat or Rapier Combat by minor children of the age of 16 or 17 nor youth activities.