Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Marshalate Reporting Update

Good day all,

I am pleased to announce that reporting for the Marshalate has gone electronic.

Thanks to the tireless effort put in by Liadin, Ealdormere Marshals can now do their reports quickly and easily at the following website:

All Group Marshals and Marshals of the Field are required to report by 1 Sep
This will be the first go around with the new reporting method so any constructive criticism will be appreciated ( You can use the Comments box on the form). There may be a few bugs to work out but it looks great at first glance.

Remember that Liadin has put a lot of time and effort to get this going and please thank her for it when you next see her.

To all Marshals....thank you for your great work over the last year and I look forward to seeing your reports.

In Service

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