Friday, 20 November 2015

New Heraldic Acceptance Letter

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!
The following names and armoury have been registered by the Society:
Ana of Ramshaven. Holding name and device. Per chevron vert and sable, three jasmine flowers argent and a fox passant regardant Or paw resting upon a skull in profile argent.
* Beremere, Canton of. Device change. Argent, a winged bear rampant contourny sable and on a ford proper a laurel wreath sable.
The group's old device, Gules, on a fess wavy between a bear statant contourny and a mountain argent a laurel wreath gules, is retained as ancient arms.
* Beremere, Canton of. Badge. Per fess wavy argent and barry wavy azure and argent, in chief a winged bear rampant contourny sable.
* Graham Day. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, in canton an astrolabe argent, a bordure counterchanged.
* Greger Sondenstede. Reblazon of device. Gyronny crosswise vert and argent, a roundel sable charged with a spangenhelm affronty argent between four axe in annulo blades to center sable.
* HroĆ°geirr Grimsson. Name.
* Laura Battista. Device. Purpure, a chevron Or between three sea-horses argent.
Nice device!
* Lucia de Moranza. Name and device. Azure, a spiderweb and on a chief Or three oak leaves azure.
Nice 16th century Venetian name!
* Penn de Moranza. Name and device. Azure, in saltire five dice Or marked sable.
* Trumbrand the Wanderer. Name and device. Per fess sable and Or, in pale a tankard atop an anvil counterchanged.

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