Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Trillium Exchange Accepting Sign-ups

THL Marie l'Englois tells us about the next round of the Trillium Exschange, which is accepting sign-ups now!

Trillium Exchange starting soon!

What is the Trillium exchange? It's like a "secret santa" swap for Ealdormerean artisans. At the start of a new exchange, each participant fills out an online questionnaire about their activities, interests, and preferences, and is then assigned a recipient for whom they will craft something in the SCA art form of their choice. Each participant will also be assigned to a different participant as that person's recipient.

The survey for the next round is online now, and can be found at:

The first 30 people to fill out the survey will get into the exchange. The link will stop working after 30 responses. At that point the admins will match artisans with recipients, and crafting can begin!

The end date for this next exchange will be July 2nd, 2016. People can either mail their items to arrive before that date, or for those attending Trillies we will be setting up a time for an in-person exchange at Trillies as well. There will be three intermediate check-in points during the exchange, dropping out after the second checkin is not permitted. For everyone to receive a shiny, everyone must make a shiny! Materials cost for the item created is capped at $25, though use of “stash” materials is exempt and does not count towards costs.

You don't have to be an expert in your craft to participate. There are frequently laurels and absolute beginners participating side by side in the same exchange, along with every level of expertise in between. You can use an existing craft, or learn a new one, it's totally up to you!

For more information, check out the Trillium Exchange page on the Ealdormere wiki ( or join the Trillium Exchange FB group ( Or, you could just take a deep breath and sign up. :)

Full rules for the exchange are posted in the FB group, and are also included in the survey questionnaire.

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