Thursday, 18 February 2016

Heraldic Acceptance Letter for February 2016

Greetngs from Nicolaa Green Mantle!
The following names and armory have been registered by the Society:
Æthelbert of Whitstone Isle. Name.
Alicia Marie de Flers. Name.
Anna Bella la Viaggiatrice. Name change from Apollonia Esbiornsdotter.
Constantin Breathnach. Name and device. Argent semy of birds volant to sinister chief wings addorsed azure.
Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha. Name.
Gerrard Carpentarius. Device. Per pale azure and gules, four swords in saltire conjoined at the hilts Or.
Hori Jirou Masamura. Name
Khaaiwesenebastet sat ne Polemon mewetis Aniti. Name.
Tiberius Valerius Callidus. Name.

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