Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How They Died: A Quiz by Caleb Reynolds

Match the historical figures to how they died without using The Googles. There are a few extra deaths listed, just to make it more difficult. The answers will be posted next week.

1) Christopher Marlow
2) Jon Dun Scotus
3) Eleanor of Castile
4) Ferdinand Magellan
5) Pedro de Valdivia
6) Mary, Queen of Scots
7) Sir Walter Raleigh
8) Richard Coeur de Leon
9) Tiziano "Titian" Vecellio
10) Sir Arthur Aston
11) William the Conqueror
12) Geoffrey Chaucer
13) Sigurd Eysteinsson
14) Pope Adrian IV
15) George Plantagenet
16) Martin the Humane
17) Caliph Al-Musta?sim
18) Aeschylus
19) Roger Bacon

a) Beheaded on order of James I
b) Beheaded on order of Elizabeth I
c) No record was made of time, place or reason of death
d) Died of an infection after getting shot with a crossbow bolt
e) Drowned in a butt of malmsey
f) Died of old age
g) Died in the Philippines in a fight with natives: thought he did not need any armor
h) Died of laughter
i) Rolled up in a rug and trampled to death
j) Died of the plague
k) Killed in a tavern brawl
l) Beaten to death with his own wooden leg
m) Tortured to death by the Inquisition
n) Received an infected wound by being bitten by a severed head
o) Choked to death on a fly
p) Died from injuries sustained when his horse stumbled on the burning cinders of a town he had sacked
q) Died on the road to Scotland
r) Was burned to death in a bread oven for using inferior flour
s) Stabbed by King John
t) Had molten gold poured down his throat
u) Broke his neck by tripping over his own beard
v) Died from asphyxiation after being sealed in a cupboard, by his lover, in order to hide him from her father
w) Died of pneumonia after trying to preserve a chicken in snow
x) Died of overeating lampreys
y) Buried alive
z) Was killed by a tortoise dropped, on his head, by an eagle

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