Sunday, 29 May 2016

Kingdom Honours Presented at Spring Crown Tournament 2016

Court as conducted at Crown Tournament May 28, 2016

HEIRS Prince Siegfried and Princess Xristinia

AOA Catherine of Lochmere

AOA Michaelis Vilicus

ORION Henry Foster

CRUCIBLE Ailis de March

Kingdom Officer Changeovers
- THL Catriona has taken over the Office of Kingdom Exchequer for Master Dafydd
- HE Seonag has taken over Youth Marshall from Sir Baldric

- TH Lady Jocelyn's Vigil for the Order of Defence will take place the Tuesday evening of War Week at Pennsice in the Petrea Thule Camp. She will provide her answer to TRM at Kingdom Court on Thursday evening.
- TH Lord Rattanacius and Lord James Edgarson have been appointed as Captian and Secord for the Unbelted Team.

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