Sunday, 26 June 2016

No Fires at War of the Trillium this Year

Regarding fires at Trillies. Unfortunately conditions have grown even more dangerous over the last couple of days and we are going to have to put a ban on all campfires for the event. The grass is turning to dust as we drive on it.
To be clear, there is to be no wood burning ground nor bowl fires at all. I know that this is a great inconvenience to some groups but there will be no exceptions to this. Tended or enclosed candles are still fine. Torches are fine (propane or otherwise). If you have one of those cool propane firebowls that is fine. BBQ's, coleman stoves etc are fine.
Nothing that might throw a spark.
Along these lines, those of you that smoke, please please do not throw any butts on the ground at all.
There has been much discussion and speculation about this and nobody wants this to be the way it is but the risk to our friends' home is too great to ignore.
If there is an epic amount of rain we MAY reconsider but everyone should be prepared to go without.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.
Sorry for the inconvenience

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