Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ealdormerean Pennsic Schedule

[Originally posted to the Kingdom of Ealdormere Facebook page.]
Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Opening Ceremonies is at the Barn at 6pm. We will be mustering at Ealdormere populace and leaving there at 4:30 to head for the East Kingdom Royal camp. Folks camped up top are invited to meet us there where we will be meeting our allies from Calontir. Wear your Scarlet Proudly and raise your voice in song - We hope to see a sea of scarlet at Pennsic Opening Ceremonies with the sky full of banners and the wind full of Ealdormerian song. We'd love to get a Kingdom picture - come on out 
Armoured combat battles start each day at 10 am - We will be mustering by the Kingdom sun shade each morning and again prior to the Rapier battles which start at 1pm each day. Come out and help our commissariat - help water bear and cheer on our Kingdom.

Ealdormere Unbelted Team

We have been thrilled with the enthusiasm and interest in participating in the Unbelted Tourney at Pennsic. It was exceptionally difficult to narrow the list and not a simple decision for Ourselves or Our commanders as there were no bad choices. Below are the combatants we have chosen to represent the Kingdom in this Tourney. It is a 10 man tourney but we have also chosen 5 alternates. Please come out and cheer them on Monday from 5-7pm on the battlefield. We are also hoping to have them fight as a unit in part or whole during some of the other battles during the week as they are able. Thank you to all who expressed interest.
Baron Rattanicus
Lord James Edgarson
Master Kolbjorn
Baron Antarcus aka "Boy"
THL Alexander Gladstone
THL Kellen of Trinovantia Nova
THL Conal MacEarnan
Baron Richard Larmer
Lord Laurenz Tonnemacher
THL Tristham Ovinra
Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg
THL Bjarn Aaronson
Lord Meuric Whith
Lord Jobjorn Lethrablaka
Lord Manic
Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina Ealdormere

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New Heraldic Acceptance Letter

Greetings from Nicolaa Green Mantle!
The following names and armoury have been registered by the Society:
Eluned verch Angor. Name change from holding name Eluned of Caldrithig and badge. Vert, a goose contourny and an orle argent. 

Giovanni de Enzinas. Badge. (Fieldless) A sinister wing with a hand issuant maintaining a sword argent.
Martin Bildner. Name
Pompeia Karîna. Device. Purpure, a sheaf of arrows inverted and on a chief argent three triangles inverted purpure.
Scraeling Althing, Barony of the. Order name Order of Tantony.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Kingdom Court as Conducted at Baron's Brouhaha July 16, 2016

AoA Freja Blackwood 

AoA Rayner Blackwood
ORION Lady Muirenn ingen Morgair
ORION Tristan Galbraith
ORION - Christiana Mundegumry
The Following Announcement was also made
Let all know that Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle have received word from their Seneschal, Jocea Valente, that the Northgaetham has satisfied the requirements of custom and law within Ealdormere to become a recognized Canton of the Barony of Ramshaven. The people of Northgaetham have toiled well these past few years, and as such the Crown recognizes their labourse, and endorses this recommendation, making it proclamation this day!
Let the warrants of the officers be recognized, and let the exchequer of Northgaetham maintain separate coffers from this day forward, and raise the arms of the Canton to fly in the Kingdom's Great Hall from this day forward! For the people of Northgaetham!
(The Canton of Northgaetham was raised to full status)
Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Youth Combat Handbook is Pending Commentary

Greetings from the Earl Marshal Baron Rattanicus,

At the last Privy Counsel Meeting Held at Trillium War I am happy to say that the new Ealdormere Youth Combat Hand Book was tentatively approved pending commentary from the populace. 

The new rules will be found on the kingdom website as a draft for 30 days. 

If you would like to comment on the new Ealdormere Youth Combat Handbook 

Please send an email to myself at



Monday, 11 July 2016

August Newsletters Available

The Membership Staff have announced that the August 2016 Kingdom Newsletters are now available.

To visit the enewsletter site, please go to to access the newsletters. Log in with the same login information that you use to renew your membership.There is even an option to "remember me on this computer", so you don't have to enter in your login information each time!

The nuances of logging in are on the left side of the screen, including methods for getting help.

Once you are logged in:

At the top of the screen are the membership options.  Click the button for newsletter access on the far right.  This will open the directory of Kingdoms which remains unchanged.

Note that on the directory of Kingdoms, there is a folder marked Archives.  This is where the older issues of the electronic newsletters are maintained.  These files currently go back to March 2012 when we first introduced electronic newsletters.

If you have any questions or difficulties, you should contact Member Services at (800) 789-7486 or

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pennsic Muster Roll

Greetings Ealdormere - in an attempt to improve communication and have an idea who will be at Pennsic and where to find folks we have had an online Muster page created. If you are going to Pennsic please take a moment to fill it out.

Please share this information and link.

Nigel and Adrielle 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Skraeling Althing Letter to the Barony: Murder Melee and Trillium War

Photo from the Skraeling Althingwebsite.
Greetings unto the most noble populace of Skraeling Althing from Baron Shahid and Baroness Catherine.

The first melee event of the year was a great success. Skraeling Althing fielded eight ferocious armoured combatants, and allied with Clan MacLachlan, went forth to fight valiantly. It was great to see such a large team that worked so well together. We were further fortunate that the unbelted commanders, Baron Rattanicus and Lord James Edgarson, managed to both get lots of command time in for various teams.

We would also like to especially thank Lady Yvette de Sancler for her assistance with the Baronial pavilion.

The Great Bacon Melee Challenge from Lord Yamamoto Morikazu of Clan Okami ended in a draw. Wassail to Milandra Longweigh for being our lone authorized fighter to qualify for the challenge. What does this mean?  It means we won no bacon - but also it means we lost no bacon. We are in negotiation for a new challenge, which means the Baronial Bacon Fry-Up has been postponed as well.

It was wonderful to see many of you at Trillium War. The weather was terrific and there were many things see and do.  The weather could not have been more perfect.It was wonderful to see and hear about all of the 'Teach and Learn' activities Our populace was engaged in.  Keep up the great work!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Ceremonies Book

The Trillium Herald, THL Pelayo, presented a new Heraldic Ceremonies Book to Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle at War of the Trillium. The book can now be found on the Kingdom website.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Honors given by Nigel and Adrielle, at War of the Trillium

Honors given by Nigel and Adrielle, at War of the Trillium, July 2, 2016, A.S. LI

Scarlet Banner
Alexander the Blue
Mattius of Petrea Thule

Lucie Peltiere

Wolf's Cub
Brunhild from March of St. Martin

Jéhanne de Bretagne

Trillium Thanks from Their Highnesses

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen
To Hans, Pelayo and your team of diligent workers, thank you for such a wonderful event. His Highness and I thoroughly enjoyed Ourselves. You all accomplished a smooth and well run event. Thank you to Graham and Aurelia for hosting once again. The use of your land is greatly appreciated.

This weekend was such a great reminder of what the SCA is about; friendship, music, combat in its many forms, arts & sciences, helping out and recognition of very worthy gentles. All of which is inspiring in so many ways and to so many people. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.

Siegfried and Xristina
Prince and Princess Ealdormere

Yeoman of the Wolf Reborn

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
The Yeomen of the Wolf, originally  chartered at the same time as the Ealdormere Academy of Defence, is returning to activity with a revised program! The Yeomen of the Wolf is a martial company for all types of ranged weapons, including (but not limited to) archery and thrown weapons. The goal is to encourage participation, service, and skill for those who practice these arts.

We expect to launch the new program in the new year. The remainder of this year we will be doing a few fundraisers to raise funds for supplies and recognition patches. We are expecting to run a heraldry shoot fundraiser (details to be provided shortly) at Coronation and/or Huntsman's Harvest, as well as an online auction (for which we are looking for donations of goods and services).

Here is a link to the initial program as we have worked it out so far:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Master 
Gunther at

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Trillium Thanks from Their Majesties

Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.
Home from a wonderful weekend at Trillies - thoroughly exhausted in the best possible way.

To Hans and Pelayo and their team - thank you for putting together such a great event on so many levels. We know first hand how much work this event entails from set up to take down and truly appreciate all you and your team planned and accomplished. Everything from the A&S, armoured and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons and bardic was fabulous. We were inspired by the multitude and variety of classes on and off the field and only wish there were enough hours in the day to do all the things. The Legends party was wonderful and it was glorious to hear songs and stories new and old.

Thank you to Graham and Aurelia for once again being such gracious and generous hosts. To those who travelled from other Kingdoms, We hope you are able to tell tales of Ealdormerian hospitality that inspire your friends to travel back to visit Ealdormere once again.

As ever, thank you to our amazingly talented and generous scribes. It is a privilege to be able to pass on such works of beauty.

We would like to thank all who took the time from their weekend to do entourage for us, to be spear bearers in Court, and who assisted with set up and take down for Great Court. It was truly wonderful to process in and sit with Our landed Baronage for all the Kingdom to see.

Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina Ealdormere

Trillium War Court and News

White Wolf Fian - 5 new challenges were presented to HRM Adrielle during a 'super secret A&S craft hour court"

Royal Bards were announced - Lady Emer ingen Uí Áidán and Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

SCARLETT BANNER Alexander the Blue
ORION Lady Lucie Peltiere
WOLF'S CUB Brunhilda from March of St. Martin
SCARLETT BANNER Mattais of Petrea Thule
CRUCIBLE Jehanne de Bretaigne

PLACED ON VIGIL FOR CHIVALRY - Mistress Aelfwyn (During the Rose Tournament)