Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ealdormerean Pennsic Schedule

[Originally posted to the Kingdom of Ealdormere Facebook page.]
Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Opening Ceremonies is at the Barn at 6pm. We will be mustering at Ealdormere populace and leaving there at 4:30 to head for the East Kingdom Royal camp. Folks camped up top are invited to meet us there where we will be meeting our allies from Calontir. Wear your Scarlet Proudly and raise your voice in song - We hope to see a sea of scarlet at Pennsic Opening Ceremonies with the sky full of banners and the wind full of Ealdormerian song. We'd love to get a Kingdom picture - come on out 
Armoured combat battles start each day at 10 am - We will be mustering by the Kingdom sun shade each morning and again prior to the Rapier battles which start at 1pm each day. Come out and help our commissariat - help water bear and cheer on our Kingdom.
Sunday, August 7, 2016 - Allied Champs battle is at 10am (much earlier than prior years). We do not have confirmation of how many spots we have as yet but we will definitely have some so please come and support our folks and cheer them on. Water bearers would be welcome as well
Monday August 9-
MOAB - Mother of All Battles - this should be epic
Rapier Stronghold Battle
5-7 pm - 10 Man unbelted Melee tourney. Please come out and cheer on our team as well as that of our allies. We were victorious last year, can we make it 2 in a row?.
Tuesday, August 9 -
Bridge Battles - Armored and Rapier
Ealdormere is sponsoring Estrogen and Axes on the Thrown Weapons range from 11:30 to 1:30 come on out and support our Kingdom. L.ter that day please come by TH Lady Jocelyn's vigil starting at 7pm in the Petrea Thule camp. There will be a brief ceremony at 7pm which all are welcome to bear witness to following which she will be sitting to receive advice from all who wish to speak with her
Wednesday, August 10
9:00 am -Archery Champions Shoot - Hopefully Ealdormere will have a few spots. Should be awesome
Thursday, August 11 - Busy busy day.
9-3- A&S War Point at the Great Hall . Ealdormere has 3 champions including one weathed and 2 unwreathed, come out and be inspired and vote. Everyone with an A&S award (any level) gets to cast a 'bean' for their favourite.
Woods Battles
Youth Archery shoot staring at 12 noon sponsored by Ealdormere. Cheer on our future.
Archery Ealdormere is sponsoring extended marshalling hours on the range from 5 to 7pm.
Kingdom court at 7:30 pm on the Battlefield under the East Kingdom Pavilion where amongst other things we will be elevating TH Lady Jocelyn to the Order of Defence.
Friday, August 12 -.
Field Battles then Closing Ceremonies

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