Sunday, 3 July 2016

Trillium War Court and News

White Wolf Fian - 5 new challenges were presented to HRM Adrielle during a 'super secret A&S craft hour court"

Royal Bards were announced - Lady Emer ingen Uí Áidán and Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

SCARLETT BANNER Alexander the Blue
ORION Lady Lucie Peltiere
WOLF'S CUB Brunhilda from March of St. Martin
SCARLETT BANNER Mattais of Petrea Thule
CRUCIBLE Jehanne de Bretaigne

PLACED ON VIGIL FOR CHIVALRY - Mistress Aelfwyn (During the Rose Tournament)

- Thanks were given to Master Rhodri of Calontir and Lord Renault of the East for standing as the initial spear bearers for Court - As Calontir is allied with Ealdormere and Ealdormere is allied with the East for Pennsic TRM were especially appreciative of the honor given to them by these persons.

- Presentation from Their Graces Rylyn and Edward to the Captains of the Unbelted Team of a box to be filled with loot / prizes and a silk banner bearing the motto "Virtue before Victory". The banner is to be presented to the member of the Unbelted team who embodies that motto.

- Presentation from the Brewer's Guild of taxes which included a selection of brews. These were taken to the Legends Party to share with the populace

- Announcement of the Yeoman of the Wolf - The Yeomen of the Wolf is a martial company within the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Its mandate is to inspire participation in all types of ranged weapons activities and to expand the frequency and variety of ranged weapons events and tournament types throughout the Kingdom . The company will be open to anyone who participates in ranged weapons activities (archery, thrown weapons, combat archery and siege weapons). Like other martial companies such as the Ealdormere Academy of Defense, the Yeomen of the Wolf is not an official SCA order. Ranks achieved within it will just be marks of achievement within the company and carry no standing within Ealdormere 's Order of Precedence.

- Presentation of the proceeds from Crown Tournament donated to the Kingdom (100%) by the Shire of Bastile de Lac (just over $1200)

- Winner of the First and Last A&S Competition - Alienor
- Winner of the Bowling Knights - Team "Late" from Ramshaven

- Rose Tournament was held - there were 6 teams who participated and the field was won by the team fighting in Honour of Countess Arlette.

- Tourchlight Tourneys - Armoured combat won by Master Kol. Rapier won by Duke Edward

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