Monday, 29 August 2016

Kingdom Court as Conducted at Summer Siege August 27, 2016

AoA Jonas of Caldrithig
AoA Ulric the Lawless
AoA Malandra Longwei
AMH Sorcha Kilmongan
Laurel Alais de Poitiers

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


At its August 22, 2016 meeting the Board of Directors approved the development and implementation of an expanded Board committee structure to encourage and facilitate transparency, participation in and understanding of Society governance throughout the membership of the Society.

The Board shall establish Board committees to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Each of these committees will include representatives of the membership-at- large of the Society, to be nominated by the Kingdoms. A request for nomination process is expected to be in place for the initial committees in the 4 th quarter of 2016. Committees to be established include the following:

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kingdom Awards Presented at Pennsic War

AoA - Amelye of Trinovantia Nova
AoA - Eydis Drifa
AoA - Nemka Eniarsdottir (Nemy the Nonspeaking)
MAIDEN'S HEART - Yamamoto Morikazu
ORION - Wulfwynne of the Blackwoods
ORION - Wulfric of the Blackwoods
CRUCIBLE - Godfrey the Archer
HAMMER - Mistress Wencenedl of Rokesburg
HAMMER - Alexander Gladstone
COURT BARONACIES - Ceridwyn and Hamish
MOD - Jocelyn

Scroll of Honor
- Martial Command Staff at Pennsic (Sir Varenko, Lady Gwendolyn, Mistress Aelfwyn, Baron Rattanicus, Lord James, Lady Merewen, Maestra Jocelyn)
- HRM Nigel by demand of the army and with the consent of HRM Adrielle
- TH Lord Bjarn "Sheildsmasher"
- Lady Gwendolyn

- Armoured Combat - Lady Gwendolyn, Clan Okami, Baron Penda "Giant Slayer", Barony of Ramshaven, Commissariat
- Rapier Combat - TH Lord Lars, Kato, Lady Alienor
- Archery - TH Lord Brennan Hunterson

Unbelted Banner
- TH Lord Alexander

Thursday, 11 August 2016

September Newsletters Available

The Membership Staff have announced that the September 2016 Kingdom Newsletters are now available.

To visit the enewsletter site, please go to to access the newsletters. Log in with the same login information that you use to renew your membership.There is even an option to "remember me on this computer", so you don't have to enter in your login information each time!

The nuances of logging in are on the left side of the screen, including methods for getting help.

Once you are logged in:

At the top of the screen are the membership options.  Click the button for newsletter access on the far right.  This will open the directory of Kingdoms which remains unchanged.

Note that on the directory of Kingdoms, there is a folder marked Archives.  This is where the older issues of the electronic newsletters are maintained.  These files currently go back to March 2012 when we first introduced electronic newsletters.

If you have any questions or difficulties, you should contact Member Services at (800) 789-7486 or

Ealdormerean wins big at Pennsic

The Kingdom of Ealdormere's Facebook page reported today, that Daniel of Whitby won the Known World Baronial Champions Thrown Weapons Tournament.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Opening Ceremonies is at the Barn at 6pm. We will be mustering at Ealdormere populace and leaving there at 4:30 to head for the East Kingdom Royal camp. Folks camped up top are invited to meet us there where we will be meeting our allies from Calontir. Wear your Scarlet Proudly and raise your voice in song - We hope to see a sea of scarlet at Pennsic Opening Ceremonies with the sky full of banners and the wind full of Ealdormerian song. We'd love to get a Kingdom picture - come on out 
Armoured combat battles start each day at 10 am - We will be mustering by the Kingdom sun shade each morning and again prior to the Rapier battles which start at 1pm each day. Come out and help our commissariat - help water bear and cheer on our Kingdom.
Sunday, August 7, 2016 - Allied Champs battle is at 10am (much earlier than prior years). We do not have confirmation of how many spots we have as yet but we will definitely have some so please come and support our folks and cheer them on. Water bearers would be welcome as well
Monday August 9-
MOAB - Mother of All Battles - this should be epic
Rapier Stronghold Battle
5-7 pm - 10 Man unbelted Melee tourney. Please come out and cheer on our team as well as that of our allies. We were victorious last year, can we make it 2 in a row?.
Tuesday, August 9 -
Bridge Battles - Armored and Rapier
Ealdormere is sponsoring Estrogen and Axes on the Thrown Weapons range from 11:30 to 1:30 come on out and support our Kingdom. L.ter that day please come by TH Lady Jocelyn's vigil starting at 7pm in the Petrea Thule camp. There will be a brief ceremony at 7pm which all are welcome to bear witness to following which she will be sitting to receive advice from all who wish to speak with her
Wednesday, August 10
9:00 am -Archery Champions Shoot - Hopefully Ealdormere will have a few spots. Should be awesome
Thursday, August 11 - Busy busy day.
9-3- A&S War Point at the Great Hall . Ealdormere has 3 champions including one weathed and 2 unwreathed, come out and be inspired and vote. Everyone with an A&S award (any level) gets to cast a 'bean' for their favourite.
Woods Battles
Youth Archery shoot staring at 12 noon sponsored by Ealdormere. Cheer on our future.
Archery Ealdormere is sponsoring extended marshalling hours on the range from 5 to 7pm.
Kingdom court at 7:30 pm on the Battlefield under the East Kingdom Pavilion where amongst other things we will be elevating TH Lady Jocelyn to the Order of Defence.
Friday, August 12 -.
Field Battles then Closing Ceremonies

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sanction Guide – Corpora Changes – Request for Comments

As Corpora is the primary guide to all SCA rules and procedures and the sanction guide is subordinate to the Seneschals Handbook in terms of precedence, a change to Corpora is being considered by the Board of Directors, i.e.  deleting references to the Sanction Guide in Corpora.  This change clearly reasserts that Corpora is the primary guide to SCA rules and procedures, reduces confusion and eliminates any appearance that Corpora is subordinate to the Sanction guide.
In order to facilitate this change, the Board is presenting a proposal to the membership for commentary for removal of the following portions of Corpora dealing with references to the Sanction Guide:
Chapter I, Section F, subsection 4
Chapter X, Section C, subsections 1(b), 2(b) and 3(b).
For ease of reference a copy of the Governing Documents (Corpora) can be found here:
Commentary can be sent to .  Please place the term Sanction Guide – Corpora Changes in the subject line.  The deadline for commentary is October 1, 2016.
Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036
You may also email
This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.