Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kingdom Awards Presented at Pennsic War

AoA - Amelye of Trinovantia Nova
AoA - Eydis Drifa
AoA - Nemka Eniarsdottir (Nemy the Nonspeaking)
MAIDEN'S HEART - Yamamoto Morikazu
ORION - Wulfwynne of the Blackwoods
ORION - Wulfric of the Blackwoods
CRUCIBLE - Godfrey the Archer
HAMMER - Mistress Wencenedl of Rokesburg
HAMMER - Alexander Gladstone
COURT BARONACIES - Ceridwyn and Hamish
MOD - Jocelyn

Scroll of Honor
- Martial Command Staff at Pennsic (Sir Varenko, Lady Gwendolyn, Mistress Aelfwyn, Baron Rattanicus, Lord James, Lady Merewen, Maestra Jocelyn)
- HRM Nigel by demand of the army and with the consent of HRM Adrielle
- TH Lord Bjarn "Sheildsmasher"
- Lady Gwendolyn

- Armoured Combat - Lady Gwendolyn, Clan Okami, Baron Penda "Giant Slayer", Barony of Ramshaven, Commissariat
- Rapier Combat - TH Lord Lars, Kato, Lady Alienor
- Archery - TH Lord Brennan Hunterson

Unbelted Banner
- TH Lord Alexander

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