Sunday, 11 September 2016

Feast of the Bear - Royal Courts

Morning Court
In order to make them official we had the awards given at Barron's Howe read out into Court
· Fáeláa Ruadh ua Aodha has received the award of the Orion
· Olaf Smeds has received the award of the Scarlet Banner
· Aethelbert of Whitstone Isle has received the award of the Orion

Award's Granted (recipient's not present - we will get your scrolls to you - please contact us)
Ichijou Gorou Kinaki - Award of Arms
Laili of Harrowgate Heath - Maiden's Heart
Rhoswyn Gwynedd - Maiden's Heart
Estienne de Nantes - Orion

White Wolf Fian invited forward
Widow Kate presented her completed challenge to the White Wolf Fian (please check out the photos, her challenge was lovely and definitely worthy)

Law Changes were read into Court - please see the Tidings

Master Rufus begged the boon to induct TH Lady Gwendyon into the Order of the Laurel and she was placed on vigil

Katerucia Mountague di Sant'Elena - Order of the Crucible

The Office of the Kingdom Chronicler Changeover took place from TH Laird Colyne to HG Kayla

TH Laird Colyne was placed on the scroll of Honour for his work as a Chronicler and Historian, his service to his Kingdom and word-smithing (50 poems for the SCA 50 year) among other awesome things

Artyom of Ardcheag was granted his AoA (not present - please contact Us and we will get your scroll to you)
Alicia Marie du Fleurs - Award of Arms
Petra of Septentria - Orion
Willmar Grimsdyke - Maiden's Heart
Mistress Lucrece de Montsoreau - Maiden's Heart (not present - please contact Us and we might give you your scroll ;) )
Gwendyon Casgudcath - inducted into the Order of the Laurel
AElfwyn et Langanwuda - inducted into the Order of Chivalry

Nigel and Adrielle

Rex et Regina Ealdormere

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  1. A common typo I've been seeing that I fear there is a replication problem somewhere - Fáelán instead of Fáeláa