Monday, 26 September 2016

Off Head Helm Inspections

Under the instructions of the Society Earl Marshal, I am asking one and all to begin a round of helm inspections that would include a check of the interior padding. We should be looking for proper coverage, thickness and resilience.

This is an off head helm check.

Marshals would get a count of how many helms were inspected, how many failed and why.

This info will be included in the kingdom end of year report

If any head injuries occur, bleeding lumps, tko's or Mo's even, that they inspect the injured fighters helm and include any finding good or bad in the report sent to me.

Padding Inspectons are to the following expectations.

Do an off the head check to insure the basics that are called for in our current rules. Is the interior minimal padding present on the proper surfaces? Is it thick enough by our standard? Is any of it loose or torn or crushed and lacks the resilience we would look for in a thrusting tip? That is all I am looking for. As to old or ugly. Ask if the fighter is aware of it, and if he is satisfied with its protection. If he is, he signed his waiver. As to the frequency, I would like any events from now to Dec to include an off head inspection to get a feel as to there actually being a problem or not. Hope that clarified.
In service
Padraig O'Riein<>

This Inspection is mandatory and and the numbers recorded. Please send the data to ASAP after each event between now and december.



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