Saturday, 29 October 2016

CBC’s "Rick Mercer Report" to film at Feast of the Hare

It is my privilege to announce that CBC is sending Rick Mercer and a small production crew to film at Feast of the Hare. Rick will interact with specific volunteers and try some of our signature activities hands-on, including combat and rapier, music, dancing, and different arts and sciences. He is also expected at court, feast and the evening ball. 

This is a momentous opportunity for the SCA in Canada to gain national exposure while showcasing our amazing hobby. This venture has been fully endorsed by all levels of the Society, and has the support of our Royal Family and Council. After a very long time planning, as the Kingdom’s Media Relations Deputy I am so excited to share this news with the populace! 

For those of you attending Feast of the Hare please consider this your moment to shine and show your very best SCA-selves to Canada. I know I can count on the people of Skraeling Althing and Ealdormere to pull out all the stops in support of this opportunity. And to all who attend, the volunteers on camera, and everyone who helps behind the scenes, you have my gratitude! 

Privacy Considerations 

Naturally, there are likely questions people have about the crew being on site at the event, especially regarding privacy. I can assure you that protecting the privacy of the populace and everyone’s ability to fully enjoy their event without disruption are two of the top concerns discussed during planning. 

I will do everything in my power to uphold your expectations in this regard. The event itself is held in a public place, allowing the crew to film all the happenings on site as a backdrop throughout the day. We have had film crews at major events before quite successfully, and this crew is likewise very professional. I don’t anticipate any problems with them respecting the privacy of individuals on site. They will not record anyone in close-up without permission, especially children. 

That said; please consider this as official notice: 

A television film crew will be on-site all day at Feast of the Hare, in Caldrithig (Ottawa) on Saturday, November 5. They will be conducting audio and visual recordings of people on site and our planned activities. 

There are certain individuals whom for various legitimate reasons cannot appear on camera. I encourage anyone in this category to please contact me immediately (offline) so I may inform the crew and ideally, introduce you off-camera so they can know you by sight and film around you. I will also be posting a notice at the gate to inform people about the filming as they enter. 

Production Reality 

It’s important to mention the reality of the production so people are aware and can manage expectations. On site Rick and the crew will solely determine who and what will be filmed (with permission). They will film as much activity as possible. Afterwards, a whole day of filming will be edited down to perhaps only a 3 or 4 minute sequence in the final broadcast. The bits that appear in the show are entirely at the discretion of the producer. So please keep this in mind. But, I have complete faith that the editors will show only the very best of what we will offer. If you’ve ever watched the show, you will see that Rick has a talent for bringing out the best in people and culture, while making things fun. 

*If you are attending and you have something cool (and period!) you can teach Rick/have him try out in five minutes or less, please contact me to discuss. 

I sincerely hope that as you read this you are as excited as I am. I think it will be a very memorable Feast of the Hare and I hope people embrace this opportunity. Perhaps if you were on the fence about going, maybe this news will sway you to attend. I want Canada to see how the people of Ealdormere can really bring medieval history to life; hopefully we’ll tempt them to come out and play and see for themselves what a great pastime the SCA can be! 

I can be reached at Ealdormere.Media (at) or at (613) 841-1958. Please no calls after 9 pm

Thank you all sincerely for your support. 

Yours in Service, 

THL Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn 

(Melanie Reasbeck) 
Kingdom Media Relations Officer 

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