Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Ealdormere on the Rick Mercer Show

[Missive from the Kingom Media Relations Deputy]

O happy day!! Clear your evening plans friends, and mark your calendars---because we’ve all got a common TV and couch date next week! Our Rick Mercer Report episode airs:
~ Tuesday November 29th at 8:00 pm on CBC ~
The show will repeat the following Friday at 7:00 pm and will live online forever at
You’ve all been waiting eagerly for this news so it’s my great pleasure to share it with you finally. As promised, I will be shouting it from the virtual rooftops for the next few days. I will also be reaching out to Society and the other Kingdoms to give them a heads up so they can share this as well.
Promoting our episode through social media is the most important way we can maximize our reach across Canada and beyond. Our Kingdom Social Media Deputy, Lady Marrin von Waldburg, will lead this campaign for us. But I bet she would appreciate it if everyone could assist by sharing, liking, posting and re-tweeting about all of this through your own extended circles. Thank you!
In the meanwhile, I hope this news inspires a few “RMR Viewing Parties” in living rooms across Ealdormere. Please share your party selfies and pictures if so! (Tag #ealdormere or @ealdormere)
Congratulations all. I think we’re breaking some very cool ground with this effort! And because I can’t ever say it enough, thank you once again everyone who made this possible.
A quote from the producer’s email: “…I know we've got something great that will expose SCA to a very big audience in Canada.” So… are we excited yet?!
Happy watching, and may your popcorn be buttery!
~ Avelyn Wexcombe
Ealdormere Media Relations Deputy

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