Monday, 7 November 2016

Royal Challenges

Greetings to Our people of Ealdormere,

The winter is coming upon us all soon and We know that it is a time to hunker down and savour the closeness of the home fires. We also know it is a wonderful time to tell stories, to sing songs, to create new things. To  that end, We are issuing two challenges to you, Our populous. Both challenges are open to all members of Ealdormere. There will only be one winner chosen for each challenge and those winners will be declared at the morning court of Spring Coronation.

The first challenge is to tell a story of a/an Ealdormere’s Queen(s) (past or present). The rules are as follows:

1. This can be in song or poem or whichever medium you would prefer.

2. The story must be newly created for this challenge, however it can also be applied to the challenge issued by Our Kingdom Bard, Colyne Stewart.

3. A copy of the piece must be sent to Us so that we can keep a record.

4. The piece must be presented to Us prior to Spring Coronation and can be presented at any event on Our Royal Progress. This is listed on Our reign website.

5. The competition is open to everyone.

6. The pieces can be solo or group in nature.

[Current entries:
Iron Queen of the Northlands by Lord Dietrich von Sachsen
Her Royal Heritage by TH Laird Colyne Stewart 
Queen's Poem by Ulvar van der Nederlanden
Come, Sweet Nymphs by Inge of Sten Mark]

The second challenge is to create an historical interpretation in costume of a character from a story (fairy-tale, myth, legend, song, etc).

1. The character can be from any story but the outfit created must fit within the SCA time period parameters and should be appropriate to the character.

2. The outfit must be newly made for this challenge.

3. The outfit must be presented to us prior to Spring Coronation and can be presented at any event on Our Royal Progress. This is listed on the reign website.

4. A photo of the outfit and a brief description must be sent to us. The description should include who the character is that you’re interpreting and what time period the outfit is from. If possible a link to the story would be lovely.

5. The competition is open to everyone.

Siegfried and Xristina

Velikii Knyaz and Velikii Knyagina