Monday, 13 February 2017

Third Entry in Their Majesties' Bardic Competition

Their Majesties Ealdormere, Siegfried and Xristina, have challenged the people of Ealdormere to a bardic competition wherein they are to extol the virtues of a former Queen of the lupine lands.

The third entry was by THL Ulvar van der Nederlanden, who presented the following poem at the Ealdormere Service Symposium:
Photo by Master Eirik Andersen.

Queens Poem
By Ulvar

Queen of these lands so long ago,
          But ever remembered for her great sorrow.

Unyielding passion to do what was right,
          And yet had the hardest of all of our fights.

Ever remembered as the one who was strong,
          And ever remembered for he who was gone.

Ever present was the smile on her face,
          Even when a tears trail you could trace.

Norsewoman feared and given her due,
          By the comfort of friends and Ealdormere too.

Capturing our hearts as her reign moved along,
          We cheered her up with great food and great song.

Always fair to those in her hall,
          Even though the mightiest did fall.

Indeed I remember her raven dark hair,
          And her need for all of us there.

Though I speak of two people in this bit of prose,
          I remember us all and these them and those.

Long ago in the darkness we all had a loss,
          But hers was the greatest of all of us.

If you do not know of the Queen that I speak,
          Then you just need ask, I’d be happy to teach.

Now look to the letters at the start of each verse,
          And remember the Queen whose tears quenched the earth.

Letters spell: QUEEN CAITLIN

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  1. Wassail Ulvar - a worthy poem for a great Queen.