Sunday, 19 March 2017

War Staff Announced

Sir Baldric, War Leader for Their Royal Highnesses Quilliam and Tangwystl, announced the following appointments to his staff today via the Ealdormere e-list:

Greetings Ealdormere,
It gives me great pleasure to announce Their Royal Majesties and Highnesses has seen fit to add a great deal of help to our War Staff this year. Please take this opportunity to welcome the following people to my War Staff:
THLord Conall MacEarnain - XO and UnBelt Captain
robertbriggs (at)
THLord Lars Eriksson - Rapier Captain
lrt512 (at)
Please keep me CCed on any correspondence to keep me in the loop.
Yours in service,
Warlord of Ealdormere

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