Saturday, 20 May 2017

Court Report: FOOL 2017

An account of the Court of Her Majesty, Tangwystl the Queene, held within the Barony of Ramshaven at Fruits of our Labours, the 20th day of May in the fifty-second year of the Society.
After opening Court, Her Majesty received the procession of Baron Penda and Baroness Sibylla of Ramshaven, and invited them to hold their Court. After dismissing their Champions, Their Excellencies closed their court for the final time and presented themselves before Her Majesty. After presenting Her with a rod symbolizing the Barony of Ramshaven, Their Excellencies were released from fealty by Her Majesty, who received their coronets into safekeeping. It was announced that the lands of Ramshaven had reverted to the Crown. Before they departed, Her Majesty asked whether they had successors to recommend to the Crown, and they gave the names of Penn de Moranza and Lucia de Moranza. Her Majesty gave them leave to depart as the populace stood and applauded, but they were stopped on the way out by Laura Battista, who demanded that Sybila hand over one last piece of regalia. Before handing over the ram's horn, Sybilla blew one last long, clear note on it.
Once the crowd had quieted, Penn and Lucia were called forward to be invested as Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven. They first did homage, becoming the man and woman of the crown, before giving their oath of fealty on the rod symbolizing the lands of the barony. As they swore these oaths, their personal banners were furled as they took up the role of Baron and Baroness They swore many things, including aid in times of war, hospitality, good counsel, and most notably, two pounds of bacon per year payable to the Crown as rent. The Crown in turn promised to uphold them in these oaths and gave them the right to levy reasonable taxes in order to fulfill them. Their obligations were also recorded in writing in a legal document in three parts--one part each to the Crown, to Their Excellencies, and the foot of the fine to be held as the official record of this transference of land. Finally, they swore their formal oath of fealty and were invested with the Coronets of the Barony.
Again, Her Majesty allowed Their (new) Excellencies Penn and Lucia to hold a short court, in which they announced that in lieu of taxes, they charged their people to go on an adventure with them and tell them of the things they do.
Her Majesty's Court resumed with the calling of the Queen's Guard. Her Majesty added two members to this group--Maister Albrecht Stampher and the newly-authorized but very shiny (and red-faced) Signore Alfredo.
Aeschine der Welfengau was called before Her Majesty and given her Award of Arms.
Elsebeth and Lerthan were then called before Her Majesty. They were both given Maiden's Hearts for their heroic efforts "in drought and dark" at the KIngdom A&S fair this past spring, when both water and electricity failed at different points during the day. As Lerthan was not present, Elsebeth will convey the scroll home to her.
Laura Batista and Cesare Ambrogino de Salvazzi were called into Court so Her Majesty could present them with an honour done by Her predecessors Siegfried and Xristina. Each was given the Award of Orion--his was for metalwork and enameling; hers for knitting and sewing (among other things). Lord Cesare, who has received the Orion before, was heard to exclaim "One more and I have the belt!"
Penda and Sibylla, recently retired as Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven, were then called forward and made Barons of the Court.
Her Majesty Tangwystl concluded the court by calling up Duchess Rylyn and Dame Odette, the event stewards, to thank them for their work. She also recognized two gentles attending their first event by presenting them with cups. Both gentles were called Ann or Anne, but one of them will likely not remember the day as she is a babe in arms.
Thus closed and concluded the Court of Her Majesty Tangwystl.
Filed by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, serving as Royal Herald.

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