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Event Report: Crown Tourney

An account of the Crown Tournament and Court of Their Majesties Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene, on the 27th day of May in the fifty-second year of the Society, within the bounds of the canton der Welfengau.
The Court of Their Majesties was opened to receive the procession of the combatants and consorts. Nine fighters took to the field this day, and they were, along with their inspirations:
His Grace Edward the Red for Her Grace Rylyn Buchanan
His Excellency Steinarr Aggarsson for Maestra Jocelyn de Cranewell.
Sir Evander Maclachlan for Her Excellency Marioun Golightly
Sir Baldric Leeman for Lady Brayla la Vienette
His Excellency Shahid al-Hasan for Her Excellency Catherine Townson
His Excellency Kolbjorn Skattkaupandi for Her Excellency Wencenedl of Rokesburg
His Excellency Richard Larmer for Her Excellency Annabelle Makmyllane
Lord Sa'd al'Nizari for Her Excellency Liadin Chu
Lord James Edgarson for the Honourable Lady Christabell Wensleydale
It is to be noted that there was much pageantry in this procession, as many couples supplied their own heralds, along with banners and retinue to support their presence.
After all those taking part had retired to the nearby hall so that THL Alexander Gladstone might capture their images for the day, the tourney began. A round-robin tournament fought in two lists resulted in the seeding for the double elimination portion. At the end of this round robin, Baron Shahid withdrew due to illness.
The double elimination portion featured one of the most entertaining fights of the day, when Baron Richard Larmer and Lord Sa'ad al-Nizari fought "to entertain the gallery", first with sword and buckler, then with glaive. As each had won one of these fights, the choice for the third was given to His Majesty, who chose dagger. Baron Richard proved victorious.
The semi-finalists in this portion were Count Steinar and Sir Evander, who had both been undefeated, and Duke Edward and Sir Baldric, who each had a loss. In the semifinal bouts, the fighter with a loss had to win two matches (each best two of three bouts) to advance, while the undefeated fighter had to win one match.
In the first semifinal, Duke Edward took two matches to defeat Count Steinar (who had earlier beat him in the Round Robin). In the second, Sir Evander defeated Sir Baldric in one match.
As the higher-ranking fighter, Duke Edward chose polearm for the first match of the finals; Sir Evander selected sword and shield for the second. Duke Edward won both the first match and the second in two bouts (defeating Sir Evander, who had earlier defeated him in the double-elimination portion).
Their Majesties then called forward the victors to invest them as Prince and Princess with the Ancient and Honourable coronets. Prince Edward and Princess Rylyn then swore their fealty and were welcomed as the Heirs to Ealdormere.
Court was prorogued so that the new Princess could be treated to a tea with the Order of the Rose.
Court was resumed approximately an hour later. After receiving fealties from Chivalry and Populace, Their Majesties Quilliam and Tangwaystl gave Their Excellencies Penn and Lucia of Ramshaven leave to hold their Court. After Their Excellencies had completed their business, Jasmine Galbraith was called forward. The herald presented a book to Their Majesties and directed them to show the pictures as a story was read. As the story was quite interesting, it is repeated here:
Lord and Lady Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.
But why, you might ask, is this any way to start an official declaration? To be honest, it sounds like how a story is supposed to begin, maybe even a story of someone who started simply and then became someone greater. Well, it is rather like that.
Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, there was a young girl named Jasmine who was kind and clever. If she had any fault, it was that she was very busy.
In a very short time she learnt armoured combat and has indeed fought valiantly, hacking and slicing up challengers like wheat at harvest time. It is quite possible that had there been dragons, she would have vanquished them; however, as general rule, no dragons are to be harmed in the wording of this script.
Some time later, or within the span of time spent from one's first few steps to about nowish, she found out quickly, and without need to repeat, that saying the wrong thing at the wrong time allowed her the great opportunity to dig shower pits. From this chance encounter she learnt that shovels and words can be dangerous things if used poorly, but when used well, are wonderful.
In many feast kitchens she has lent her time and nimble hands towards creating dishes, feeding the ravenous diners and, essentially, escaping from whales with nothing but a dish of shrimp and a water arquebus.
Often, she has kept questionable company, and kept them very well, if truth be told. Ensuring that such company was regularly watered and provided for, and never out of her sight. We all know how certain heads of state can gallivant, so we all know how validating it is that she has done this multiple times.
And so it comes to now, where Quilliam, King by right of arms, and Tangwystl, the magnificent Queen, were minded to make unto Jasmine Galbriath and Award of Arms in recognition of her great service to the Kingdom of Ealdormere.
The King and Queen kindly bestowed upon Jasmine the right to bear arms within the Society for Creative Anachronism without let or hindrance from any person, and the rights and responsibilities conveyed by her elevation to this rank.
This, coincidentally, was done the 27th of May, AS 52, which happened to be today, while the KIng and Queen were sitting on Their thrones in Their Canton of der Welfengau, and in testimony whereof they set their hand and seal...right here...(the King pointed to the place in the book where the seal was stamped and their signatures appeared)
And that being done, they all lived happily ever after.
(Book was done by Mistress Tarian, calligraphy by Maestro Piero, Illumination by Duchess Domhnail and the story by Master Corwyn).
THL Lars Eriksson was called before Their Majesties and given the Award of the Maiden's Heart, with a Norse poem where the first letter of each line spelled the word "Service". Scroll and wording by THL Sciath.
THL Wilhelm von Pottruff was called before Their Majesties and given the Award of the Maiden's Heart. Scroll text was based on a 15th century grant, with text, calligraphy and illumination by Magistra Nicolaa.
Their Majesties called forward all of those attending their first event and presented them with cups. (These included, once again, a babe-in-arms presented by proud papa Lord Baudoin.)
Their Majesties allowed Their Highnesses to address the populace. They thanked all who had fought that day for their courtesy and chivalry on the field and the inspiration of their consorts, and also thanked the canton of der Welfengau for hosting the event.
Thus concludes this account of the Court and Crown Tournament of Their Majesties Quilliam and Tangwystl.
recorded by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as Royal Herald to Their Majesties.

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