Sunday, 13 August 2017

Format for Crown Tourney of Edward and Rylyn Announced

Greetings to the Peo­­ple of Ealdormere fr­om Prince Edward and Princess Rylyn,
At the Kingdom moot at War of the Trilli­­ums we had a great deal of discussion ab­out participation in Crown Tournaments. This is fortuitou­s, as the time has come when We must sta­rt planning for Our Cr­own Tournament in the Fall.
To that end, We wou­­ld call upon every fighter in Ealdormere to think upon Crown Tournament to be he­­ld in the Barony of Rising Waters in No­v­ember of this year. In Ealdormere, fi­gh­ters and their co­nso­rts think long and hard about the bu­rdens of the Crown and take this respons­ibil­ity very seriou­sly. While We appla­ud th­is careful con­sidera­tion, it is also one of Our major goals for this tour­nament that We get to see more people in­volved. We believe that we have devised a form­at to do just that, and We will need the assistance of many of you, even if you choose not to compete in the tou­rnament.
As is Traditional, We would now call up­­on all those wishing to compete in this Crown tournament to put forth their lett­­er of intent. Plea­se see below in Our letter, as well as Our Seneschal's letter for requirements.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Court of Their Majesties Ealdormere. Pennsic War 2017

An account of the Court of Their Majesties, Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene held within the Great Hall at the 46th Pennsic War in the Debatable Lands.
THL Mannic was called into court and brought forth the Ealdormere War Standard. As is tradition, the standard is given to one who had shown prowess upon the field, to fly in his or her camp until the next battle. Baron Richard Larmer was called forward to receive the banner for safekeeping for his actions within the Allied Champions battle earlier that day.
Their Majesties invited Master Ruslan to come forward. He had heard tales of the elevation of Duchess Kaylah to the Orders of Defense and Pelican at in the same ceremony earlier this year, but had been unable to attend. He called her forward to receive a medallion, which he had to go back to his seat to fetch. He dragged forward a heavy disk, the size of a shield, to great amusement, and bestowed it upon Her Grace.

Friday, 11 August 2017

September Tidings Available

We are pleased to let you know that the September 2017 electronic newsletters are available for your review.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ealdormere Battlefield Court, Pennsic

An account of the Court of Their Majesties Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene, held upon the battlefield at the 46th Pennsic War within the Debatable Lands
Their Majesties instructed their rapier fighters to assemble and present themselves before Their Majesties William and Isolde of the Middle Kingdom, who opened Their Court. Warder Andreas Blacwode, premier of the Order of the Bronze Ring, then begged a boon of Their Majesties. Andreas had not had the opportunity to fight for Queen Tangwystl when she had once ruled in the Middle, but he had done so on this day, and seen the fighters of the Wolf serve as the teeth of the Dragon. Their Majesties William and Isolde were in agreement, and the rapier fighters of Ealdormere were given the Award of the Dragon's Teeth. It is to be noted that the armoured fighters of the fledgeling Principality of Ealdormere, with Tangwystl as its first Princess, were one of the first two groups to receive this award in AS 25.
Returning to the Ealdormere presence upon the field, Their Majesties asked Duchess Kaylah to relate some of the deeds of valour done that day. Several deeds were mentioned, most particularly the work of THL Lars Erikson in serving as rapier commander. She then begged a boon and asked that Lars be elevated to the Order of Defence. Court was opened, the candidate was called forward. After hearing words of support from Sir Baldric, Master Albrecht (read by Her Majesty in absentia), Mistress Eyrny, and Prince Edward, Lars was immediately elevated to the Order of Defense, swearing his oath of fealty on the hereditary sword of the Order.
Recorded by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as herald to Their Majesties.