Saturday, 12 August 2017

Court of Their Majesties Ealdormere. Pennsic War 2017

An account of the Court of Their Majesties, Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene held within the Great Hall at the 46th Pennsic War in the Debatable Lands.
THL Mannic was called into court and brought forth the Ealdormere War Standard. As is tradition, the standard is given to one who had shown prowess upon the field, to fly in his or her camp until the next battle. Baron Richard Larmer was called forward to receive the banner for safekeeping for his actions within the Allied Champions battle earlier that day.
Their Majesties invited Master Ruslan to come forward. He had heard tales of the elevation of Duchess Kaylah to the Orders of Defense and Pelican at in the same ceremony earlier this year, but had been unable to attend. He called her forward to receive a medallion, which he had to go back to his seat to fetch. He dragged forward a heavy disk, the size of a shield, to great amusement, and bestowed it upon Her Grace.
The Order of the Laurel was charged to present themselves, and asked whether it was still their will that James Blackcloak be added to their number. As this was the case, he was summoned forward. He was first charged with dancing in churches on Sundays, driving nobles into revels that caused them to sleep like the dead, and causing various cavorts. He defended himself, and as the Crown needed a Dance Master, witnesses were called to speak to his virtue. First was his mother, Viscountess AElflaeda, proud to be the first parent to speak for her child in a peerage ceremony in Ealdormere, followed by his father, Viscount Mordain. Duchess Kaylah spoke as a Master of Defense, with clever illustrations of music and the quick notes and rests that the candidate exemplifies in his dances. Countess Ragni sent words through her daughter Duchess Eanor, and three Laurels also spoke--words being sent for Mistress Margherita and Mistress Rosina, and Mistress Alina speaking for herself. Having heard these words, the Crown elevated James Blackcloak to the Order of the Laurel. He was invested with the hereditary ring of the Order, a medallion, and a beautiful cloak, and did fealty. The scroll, on black paper with gold, silver and white decoration, was by Dame Marguerite and Maistresse Alais, with wording by THL Roselyne.
The household Holt Herotus was called forward. For their work in supporting the Crown, including providing camp space and creating a Royal presence within their own camp, they were added to the Scroll of Honour.
Christophe and Nikolai, the sons of Sir Baldric, were called forward together and awarded Arms for their service as retainers and willingness to help all times. Scrolls by Magistra Nicolaa and Mistress Kersteken.
His Grace Berus was called forward. His Majesty explained that His Grace had ever been of great help, but had always explained this service as his duty as a Knight. His Majesty stated that it was his Royal prerogative to recognize this service as he saw fit, and thus made His Grace a Baron of the Court, presenting him with a new hat made by Master Tilley ornamented with six pearls. Scroll by THL Sciath.
John Spooner was called forward and given the Award of Orion for his beautiful woodworking. Scroll by Mistress Aibhilin.
Those who had organized the Ealdormere party after Opening Ceremonies were invited forward and added to the Scroll of Honour.
Their Majesties received the fealty of the Order of the Chivalry. Master Lars, who had sworn his oath on the hereditary rapier upon the field at the time of his elevation, swore it again upon the Sword of State.
Their Majesties called forward Alfredo di Chieti. This man, dear to Her Majesty, was made a Baron of the Court. Scroll by was a gentle named Eirik who has created an award scroll for every kingdom of the Known World, with the text by Magistra Nicolaa.
The Crown called forward the Order of the Pelican and Dagmar Halvdan. They asked Her Grace whether she had thought upon the obligation she was to undertake, and she indicated she had. Baron Brand attested that an inquiry had been made into her service beyond the borders of Ealdormere, and he had brought them together so that Dagmar might swear oaths to them upon the hereditary medallion of the Order. She heard words from Duchess Jocea (North), Her Highness Meridies (South), Gunther Kegslayer (West) and another gentle (East), and pledged her hands and heart to each. The Order of the Pelican was then asked to speak, and one Olaf had impromptu and heartfelt words for Her Grace. Words were then spoken to the medallion and coat of the Order.
Sir Baldric then read a long letter from Dagmar's Knight, Sir Wat, who repented of his early demand that Dagmar not aspire to the mantle of the Pelican, as it was clear she had great prowess with heartfelt service. Sir Baldric also added his own words. Duchess Domhnaill and Master Corwyn spoke a poem in the Norse style in support of Her Grace. Master Maximilian brought words from Maestra Jocelyn, and Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy as a Royal Peer. Her Grace then made her oath and swore fealty to the Crown. Her scroll was in the form of a lighted lantern with stained glass panels, created by Domhnaill, Corwyn, Lassarfhina, Tarian, and Piero.
At the conclusion of Court, His Majesty announced that with the point gained in the Archer Champions' shoot that afternoon and the A&S point, the Grand Alliance had won the War. He especially noted that in the past, the East and Middle had been unable to take the Allied Champions when fighting on the same side, but with Ealdormere with them, they had been victorious.
Wassail the King!
Wassail the Queene!
Wassail Ealdomere!
Recorded by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as herald to Their Majesties.

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