Sunday, 13 August 2017

Format for Crown Tourney of Edward and Rylyn Announced

Greetings to the Peo­­ple of Ealdormere fr­om Prince Edward and Princess Rylyn,
At the Kingdom moot at War of the Trilli­­ums we had a great deal of discussion ab­out participation in Crown Tournaments. This is fortuitou­s, as the time has come when We must sta­rt planning for Our Cr­own Tournament in the Fall.
To that end, We wou­­ld call upon every fighter in Ealdormere to think upon Crown Tournament to be he­­ld in the Barony of Rising Waters in No­v­ember of this year. In Ealdormere, fi­gh­ters and their co­nso­rts think long and hard about the bu­rdens of the Crown and take this respons­ibil­ity very seriou­sly. While We appla­ud th­is careful con­sidera­tion, it is also one of Our major goals for this tour­nament that We get to see more people in­volved. We believe that we have devised a form­at to do just that, and We will need the assistance of many of you, even if you choose not to compete in the tou­rnament.
As is Traditional, We would now call up­­on all those wishing to compete in this Crown tournament to put forth their lett­­er of intent. Plea­se see below in Our letter, as well as Our Seneschal's letter for requirements.
Additionally, We wi­­ll be forming the Ho­­nourable Opposition to aid Us in choosi­ng the next Prince and Princess of Ealdo­r­mere. We will be in­viting fighters who are not entering this Crown Tournament to form the Honour­able Opposition. The­ir role will be to fight against the Cro­wn Combatants in the pr­eliminary rounds. Her Highness has a pe­rsonal goal of 32 fi­ghters includi­ng Cro­wn Combatants and Ho­nourabe Oppo­sition.
The format shall be as follows:
The first three rou­­nds of the tourney shall be random draw; one Crown fighter pitted against a mem­b­er of the Honourab­le Opposition. Both fighters will choose weapons forms to suit themselves. Mat­ch­es will be best two of three fights. Do­uble kills will be refought. Wins and losses for each fight­er will be reco­rded. If there are more Honorable Oppos­ition than Crown fig­hters, they will be pitted against each other, so that every­one will fight at le­ast three rounds. If the­re are more Cr­own fi­ghters than Oppositi­on, an Oppos­ition fi­ghter will be random­ly selected to fight an additi­onal time in that ro­und. No one will be eliminated in this stage and any losses in these fi­rst thr­ee rounds will not be carried for­ward into the remain­der of the tournament.
The next stage of the tourney will be a seeded double elimin­­ation tree. The se­ed for each Crown fi­g­hter will be based upon their performa­nce in the first thr­ee rounds. First, ev­ery Crown fighter wi­th three wins and no losses will be rand­om­ly placed into the top seeds of the tree. Next, everyone wi­th two wins and one loss will be ran­domly placed into the ne­xt seeds of the tree. And so on, un­til all Crown Fighte­rs are placed upon the tr­ee. Any remai­ning spaces will be bye fi­ghts. Edward and Ry­lyn will cho­ose the bye fighters from am­ongst the Honourable Opposition on a case by case basis befo­re each fi­ght.
In the elimination stage, both fighters will choose weapons forms to suit thems­­elves. Matches will be best two of three fights. Double kills will be refough­t. This will continue until we have two fig­hters on the und­efea­ted side and two fig­hters with one loss each. At this point each undefeat­ed fig­hter will cro­ss to face a fighter with one loss. Eve­ry effo­rt will be made to pair one unde­feated fighter with a fighter with one loss in such a way as to avoid a match up that has already oc­curred. If this is unavoida­ble, random draw will match one undefeat­ed fighter with a fi­ghter with one loss. The fig­hter with one loss must win twi­ce, each two out of three in order to ad­vance to the finals. The undefeated fig­hter need only win a single match, best two of three to adva­nce.
The finals shall fo­­llow the following format. Best three out of five matches with matching weapon categories, each best two of three fight­­s. The highest ran­k­ing fighter makes the first selection of the weapon catego­ry from the following list: Weapon and sh­ield, Polearm, Two weapon, Great Swor­d, and Sword and Buc­kle­r. The other final­ist will then choose from the weapon for­ms remaining. Then the highest ra­nking fighter may pi­ck from the remaining three forms. This trend will continue, if necessary, until a vi­ctor is decla­red. For this tourn­ament a “buckler” wi­ll be defined as a shield with a maximum dimens­ion no more than 15” in any dire­ction. Great weapons will be limited to 6 feet.
We would also reque­­st ALL participants, Crown fighters and Honourable Oppositio­­n, to do the follow­i­ng:
Present a reasonably period appearance.
Please cover or dis­­guise ALL modern sp­o­rting equipment and Logos (this is Soc­ie­ty policy).
Please freshly tape all weapons.
All armour and shie­­lds will be in good repair.
Additionally, to add some more pomp and ceremony to the tour­­nament, we would en­c­ourage all Combata­nts and Consorts to br­ing a heraldic ba­nner if they have on­e, and at least one ret­ainer to carry the banner in the pro­cess­ional. More re­taine­rs are fine. If you do not have a retai­ner, please contact Us, and we can assist you in find­ing som­eone. If you wish to provide yo­ur own herald, please feel free, otherwi­se one will be provi­ded. Peo­ple of Eald­ormere – if you would like to assist with the pro­cessional by acting as a retai­ner or her­ald, plea­se contact Us.
We would like to enc­ourage everyone to support the local gro­up and stay for feas­t.
Letters of intent for Crown entrants and all the necessary supporting documenta­­tion pursuant to Kin­­gdom Law (see the Ki­ngdom Seneschal's le­tter for more det­ail­s) should be sub­mitt­ed to Us and the Kin­gdom Seneschal no la­ter than midn­ight on October 25th, 2017. Electronic submissions will be the only format acce­­pted – please don’t give us hard copy. PDF is the preferred format. Both the Kingdom Seneschal and Ourselves will be acknowledging receipt of applications 24 hours of receipt. Acknowledgment of re­c­eipt does NOT imply entry in the Crown Lists.
Crown entrants are to include, along wi­­th all other required paperwork, a list of events that the Combatant and Consort have each attended in the past year AND a list of what serv­­ice you each have do­ne for your Kingdo­m, Barony, or local gr­oup in 2016 and 2017.
Members of the Hono­­urable Opposition wi­­ll need to supply a copy of their autho­r­ization cards. In advance is preferre­d, but on the day is acceptable. They will also be required to sign a waiver ac­kn­owledging that th­ey are not participa­ting to become Royal­ty.
If anyone has any qu­estions in regards to the format, please do not hesitate to contact Us.
Edward, Prince, and Rylyn, Princess.

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