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Royal Court at Althing

An account of the Court of His Majesty, Quilliam Rex, at the Althing in Holmgardr, the ninth day of September in the fifty-second year of the Society.

AElfwyn swearing fealty.
Photo by Dame Asa Gormsdottir (Eve Harris)
A veche to select a new knyaz for the city of Novgorod had taken place (with THL Bjarn being acclaimed by the people as well as by TE Septentria, Their Highnesses, and His Majesty). At the conclusion, it was asked whether there were any other matters of law to discuss. HE Brand stated that he knew of a matter of justice still outstanding from the reign of Nigel and Adrielle. This was supported by HE Xristinia, Mistress Keja, and Duchess Jocea. They were asked to approach the throne and Court was opened. Their Graces Nigel and Adrielle were called forward and confirmed that the matter was indeed decided during their reign, but they had failed to act. After conferring together, a decision was arrived upon and His Majesty nodded his assent. HE Xristina then begged a boon that Sir Ælfwyn Langanwuda be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Sir Ælfwyn was then called before His Majesty, and the Order of the Pelican was called forward and asked whether this was their will, and they provided their assent. Duke Nigel then spoke as a Knight, Mistress Wencenedl as a Laurel, Maestra Jocelyn as a Master of Defence, and Duchess Adrielle as a Royal Peer. His Majesty then set Ælfwyn's wergild at 300 shillings and she was elevated to the Order. Master Percival presented the legacy medallion and Mistress Keja a hood upon which were placed two Pelican pins that had been owned or gifted from Mistress Etaoin. After Ælfwyn swore fealty, the scroll, scribed and limned by Dame Asa with the text in the ancient tongue, was read in the modern tongue and the new Pelican greeted her Order.

Members of the Order of the Chivalry were called forward to swear fealty. After Sir Kellen gave his oath, Her Excellency Xristina and His Grace Siegfried were called so that he could be presented with his knighting scroll, which was not completed when he was elevated earlier this year. Scroll was scribed and limned by Dame Asa.

After TE Septentria were given leave to hold their Court, His Majesty called Sir Baldric forward to give an account of Ealdormere's martial feats at Pennsic. The account was lengthy and full of detail of Ealdormere's glorious deeds upon the field. Visual narration of the report was given by Duchess Adrielle, Sir Ælfwyn, and Her Excellency Xristina, to the amusement of those assembled. After the report concluded, His Majesty asked Sir Baldric to kneel and presented him with the King's Favour, scribed by Maestro Piero.

"Visual narration."
Photo by Dame Asa Gormsdottir (Eve Harris)

Mistress Emma, Patrika Aurelia, and Master Martin were then called forward with the Children's Cavalry of Ealdormere. It took some time to bring together all of the young riders, but once they had processed in, His Majesty presented them with a banner so that they could properly assemble and go into battle.
King Quilliam with the youth banner.
Photo by Dame Asa Gormsdottir (Eve Harris)

His Majety then called Lady Eeva the Restless, co-steward of the event. He praised her service as event steward for many such events and work as Septentrian Seneschal. The Order of the Wain was then called and she was inducted into that Order. Scroll scribed and limned by Maistresse Alais de Poitiers, with text by Lord James Edgarson.

The Honourable Lady Eeva with Master Gunther.
Photo by Dame Asa Gormsdottir (Eve Harris)
After Septentrian Court was briefly reopened to thank the event staff, His Majesty thanked all who had helped bring the event together, especially when thoughts were elsewhere. (Her Majesty had been called away on a personal emergency earlier in the day). Court was then concluded.

Submitted by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as herald to His Majesty Quilliam Rex

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